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Photojournalism At Its Snarkiest

There’s a real interesting Buzzfeed article about how Nashville, TN has become the go-to place for bachelorette parties–white bachelorette parties–and what that means for Nashville. But what cracked me up was this picture: Give the photographer a hefty bonus.

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Is The Plural Of Bacteriophage, A “Vile”?

There’s an interesting Vice article about bacteriophage (viruses that infect bacteria) and their potential usefulness in killing bacteria. But this photo caption cracked me up: It’s vial, not “vile.” Though that would be a great name for the plural of … Continue reading

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It’s Hard Out There For A Trump Administration Official

This, from the Washington D.C. reddit, has been cracking me up:

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The Sivel War

From here:

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Help Healthcare Executives

Commandante Atrios has a wonderful idea: Heh.

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Press Conference

In case you haven’t seen this hilarious Saturday Night Live sketch:

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“Don’t Worry About Wearing White After Labor Day. Nobody Cares,” She Said

From here:

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