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The Trump Administration Has A Very Unserious NIH Budget Proposal

Former ScienceBlogling and now International Man of Scientific Mystery Ed Yong reports (boldface mine): The bulked-up version of the President’s budget for fiscal year 2018, which will be released next week, may not allay those fears. According to two sources … Continue reading

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The Census Is Still In Trouble

The U.S. right has had a long-running battle against the U.S. Census. Some context from five years ago: These are the same Republicans who have no problem with the massive surveillance state. At this point, it’s practically legal for the … Continue reading

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Congress Tells Trump To Go To Hell About The NIH’s Fogarty Center

One of the few specific items in Il Trumpe’s Magic Asterisk NIH budget was the elimination of NIH’s Fogarty International Center. Well, at least for 2017, that didn’t happen: Like Corey Robin, I’m truly confused as to how this came … Continue reading

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Thoughts On “The Nonpartisan Nerd Parade”

To use Buzzfeed’s phrase. Hughes (boldface mine): The programming could be called a lot of things. Inspiring, maybe. Nerdy. Wholesome. Boring. But it was not in any way controversial. And in that way it felt like a missed opportunity, bizarrely … Continue reading

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We’re Not Having A Serious Discussion About Grant Overheads

Something Steve M. at No More Mister Nice Blog wrote is very relevant to recent arguments about NIH (and by extension, other agencies’) grant overheads (boldface mine): Please note how the Times presents this debate — in effect, “White House, … Continue reading

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Overheads: Nobody Is Leaving Money On The Table

Last week, after a surprise attempt by the Trump Administration to take back $1.2 billion of committed funds from NIH, HHS Secretary Tom Price responded: Price repeatedly suggested reducing the amount the NIH pays universities to cover “overhead” costs, like … Continue reading

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More On Bogus NIH Budgets

Last week, we discussed Il Trumpe’s magic asterisk NIH budget, which supposedly will find a way to cut over $6 billion in spending through what is essentially pixie dust: What’s idiotic is that there’s no way ‘consolidations’ could possibly bring … Continue reading

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