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With the Shutdown Averted, a Divided Nation Can Return to the Important Business of Investigating Hunter Biden’s Penis

So there won’t be a shutdown after all–at least until November 15, when the continuing resolution ends. I won’t say that I boldly predicted this outcome, but I did argue that there was no endgame for the Freedom Caucus (the … Continue reading

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Scientific Infrastructure Is Still Not Well-Supported: The ProMED Edition

One point I’ve made on this crappy blog is that, despite popular culture depictions to the contrary, scientific infrastructure isn’t well supported. No gleaming labs that look like something out of an architectural design magazine. Most labs (#NotAll) have to … Continue reading

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A Cohort of Scientists Is About to Be Crushed

I find it remarkable that Science Twitter isn’t in absolute panic over the likely capitulation by the Biden administration* to House Republicans regarding the debt ceiling. If Republicans get their way, we’re looking at 22 percent cuts in all non-military, … Continue reading

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Going Manhattan Project on Long COVID’s Ass

Some asshole with a blog vaguely remembers using the phrase “Going Manhattan Project on [X]’s ass”, by which said asshole meant that there are certain kinds of science and research objective that need far more top down direction from NIH … Continue reading

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So You Don’t Like ‘Defund the Police’? What Would You Do Here?

A while ago, some asshole with a blog noted this about the reality of ‘defunding’ the police: But reallocating much of the funding, especially if some of that funding goes towards more investigative/regulatory purposes, such as preventing wage theft and … Continue reading

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A Quick Thought about NIH Collaborative Mechanisms

A couple weeks ago, Vanity Fair had an article about the path by which Peter Daszak wound up with the NIH funding to sponsor viral research here and in China–which has been seized on by both the lab-leak hypothesis advocates, … Continue reading

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What Defunding Looks Like: The Community College Edition

Recently, some asshole with a blog noted this about the whole defunding kerfuffle: …when teachers have to go on statewide strikes to get better wages and living conditions, there’s the capacity to cut things, when we want to do so. … Continue reading

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Public Health Big Data: The Wages of Privatization

I spent a significant part of my career in and around these kinds of data, and I think the article below, while very good in terms of description of the failures of COVID-19 data collection, misses the larger picture: this … Continue reading

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Austerioeroticism and COVID-19 Are Not a Good Combination

This Bloomberg article about COVID-19 shows how traditional concerns and mannerisms over deficit spending are going to get more people sick than otherwise could be (boldface mine): The White House said late Monday it had asked Congress for $2.5 billion … Continue reading

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Some People See Things as They Are and Ask, “Why?” Others Dream of Things that Never Were, and Ask…

…do they violate PAYGO spending caps? The obsession with deficits by our radical centrist political press corps and by too much of the Democratic Party is going to get us all killed. Or at least very miserable (boldface mine): When … Continue reading

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