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Links 5/31/15

Links for you. Science: U.S. Army chief says no human error seen in anthrax mishap (???) I Fooled Millions Into Thinking Chocolate Helps Weight Loss. Here’s How. Young Earth Creationism Guess What: Your Peers Are Already Reviewing You “Infidelity Gene” … Continue reading

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That’s one word to describe this house at the corner of 15th and R Streets, Logan Circle, D.C.:

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White Fragility and Politics of the Blood

Josh Marshall (boldface mine): The most dangerous uprising that’s threatening America’s stability isn’t black protests in places like Ferguson or Baltimore. It’s taking place among an aging white majority that is losing its bearing on reality and destroying the gears … Continue reading

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Links 5/30/15

Links for you. Science: Government R&D, Private Profits and the American Taxpayer “Seven Nobel Laureates” Behind Climate Contrarian Bjorn Lomborg’s Think Tank Are Not All They Seem, Or Even All Alive Ancient Skull Suggests an Early Murder Excuse me, Mr … Continue reading

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Red Rose

Observed at the corner of 17th and Seaton Streets, Dupont Circle, D.C.:

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The Downside of All That Cheap Housing

More than a few technobrat pundits (and Joel Kotkin) have opined about how Houston, unlike older cities, has lots of cheap housing thanks to the absence of regulation. There’s a flipside to that coin: There are a lot of citizens … Continue reading

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Links 5/29/15

Links for you. Science: ‘You think I’m mad?’ – the truth about psychosomatic illness Were You There? As a creationist kid, I was determined not to learn about evolution. Fewer Botanists Means Less Plant Study Success in Saving Bats From … Continue reading

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Hell of A Hat

Not sure how one loses a hat… Observed at the corner of P and 26th, Georgetown, D.C.:

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Education Reformers Have Lost the Upper-Middle and Gentry Classes

For the record, I don’t oppose a national curriculum or annual testing: as I’ve written repeatedly, I do think we should be using Massachusetts’ curriculum and tests (including the importance–not so important–that used* to be granted to them). But the … Continue reading

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Links 5/28/15

Links for you. Science: Genetic Load Is Higher Outside of Africa A Scandal in Political Science House spending panel does its best to hide large cut to NSF social and geosciences research Science, Evolved and Reimagined Infection inflicts a persistent … Continue reading

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