Links 9/23/18

Links for you. Science:

How Long Does the Flu Last and How Long Is It Contagious?
Type 1 Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis Causal Variants Defined by Fine Mapping, Functional Analyses
The ASBMB PAAC responds to NIH efforts to address sexual harassment in science
How America could lose the quantum-computing race
Combating transnational organized crime by linking multiple large ivory seizures to the same dealer


I Believe Her: When I was in high school, I faced my own Brett Kavanaugh
Maryland’s Biggest County Responds to Full Schools by Halting New Housing
Gary Cohn, the former President of Goldman Sachs and Trump’s former chief economic advisor, wants to know who on Wall Street broke the law. Well, let’s refresh Gary’s memory.
Time Does Not Heal All Wounds
Read this FB post by a Georgetown Prep alumnus. No wonder Mark Judge doesn’t want to testify.
Amid DC’s unemployment problems, training offers ‘Digital Hope’ for homeless
Jockeying for committee chairmanships
Brett Kavanaugh and Our Accountability Crisis
Trump is breaking his central 2016 campaign promise. Will voters remember?
Every man should be worried. At least, I’m worried.
Paul Manafort’s Activities in Ukraine Were Even Shadier Than We Thought. And That’s Pretty Damn Shady.
Mexico City’s Coolest Style Subculture Embraces Everyone—as Long As You’re Wearing Black
Spending My Day Posting Some Memes
This Is Christmas in September for People Who Don’t Think Money Should Completely Rule Our Politics
As A D.C. Public Housing Complex Faces Redevelopment, One Teenager Reflects
Bernie Sanders’ Anti-Amazon Bill Is an Indictment of the Media, Too
Donald Trump’s Bubble May Be Robert Mueller’s Greatest Weapon

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