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Krugman’s 1992 Prediction

Healthcare versus balanced budgets. And Krugman versus Tyson.
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Antibiotic Legislation in Congress: The Mad Biologist Endorses PAMTA

A small bill could have huge implications for preventing the evolution of antibiotic resistance.
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When a Blue Dog Democrat Says ‘Moderation’, He Means Campaign Donations

Following the money on Senator Bayh and cramdowns.
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Even the GOP Can’t Be This Stupid: The Revenue Edition

Boehner’s spokesman parodies herself.
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The Torture of Abu Zubaida: No New Information As a Result…

and both Helmut and the Mad Biologist told you that would be the case over a year ago.
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Some Sunday Links

It’s rainy and cold. Good excuse for some links.
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Why Not Outsource the Entire Federal Government to Goldman Sachs

At this point, diversity in the Obama administration means you’ve never worked for Goldman Sachs.
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When Sheep Meet LEDs

It’s a dancing revue!
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One Way to Deal with AIG

“…the SEC chairman merely nodded and said grimly, ‘All right, then, we’ll take the Exchange over.'”
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This Is Political Vindictiveness I Can’t Believe in

Does anyone really think Bernie Madoff is going to shank someone?
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