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Sessions’ War On (Some People Who Use Certain) Drugs: A Page From LePage

So Attorney General and elite racist Jeff Sessions wants to restart the War on Drugs, 1980s style (boldface mine): Attorney General Jeff Sessions has brought Cook into his inner circle at the Justice Department, appointing him to be one of … Continue reading

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The Rise In White Drug Abuse Deaths Is Long-Term And Gradual

There has been a lot of chatter about a recent Case and Deaton paper and follow-on media interviews which ascribe the increase in white working class mortality to ‘diseases of despair.’ Interesting how, when the white working class gets hammered, … Continue reading

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Maybe This Has Something To Do With The Reproducibility Problem?

Recently, the Atlantic had an article about people who earn a living as clinical trial test subjects. Some ‘methodological notes of interest’ (boldface mine): Intrigued by the promise of an easier way to make money, he enrolled as a guinea … Continue reading

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When the War on Planned Parenthood Makes People (Very) Sick

A few years back, when the rightwing assault on Planned Parenthood kicked into high gear, I explained why I supported Planned Parenthood: For the younger readers–and by younger, I mean those in their twenties–it’s hard to describe the AIDS-related paranoia … Continue reading

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One Reason Why the U.S. “Veered So Decidedly Toward Mass Incarceration”

Eduardo Porter has a good piece about how the U.S. prefers to spend money on mass incarceration than other nations despite still having a higher crime rate and despite the harms these policies inflict on prisoners’ children, thus perpetuating the … Continue reading

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How Bad Is Massachusetts’ Opiate Epidemic?

No one really seems to know (boldface mine): Massachusetts is under siege from a frightening surge of heroin overdoses, Governor Deval Patrick said last month in declaring a state of emergency. That grim view has become unquestioned consensus among law … Continue reading

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Back Bay, Meet Your New Neighbor

I’m guessing this new establishment to be located in Back Bay, Boston on Boylston Street between Arlington and Berkeley isn’t going to be particularly popular with the neighborhood (boldface mine): A medical marijuana business planning to open in Boston’s Back … Continue reading

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