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Acceptable Drug Dealers

They attended the best schools and wear very nice suits (boldface mine): …in recent months, as government officials seek to assign blame for the opioid crisis that has strangled large parts of the nation, McKinsey’s advice is surfacing in ways … Continue reading

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Occasionally, Jury Nullification Works Out For The Better

Jury nullification, where a jury decides to find someone innocent of a crime even though it is obvious to everyone including the jurors, has an odious history in the U.S., since it was overwhelmingly used to set free people who … Continue reading

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We Can Speak To Different Audiences And At Different Volumes: The Pot Legalization Edition

Last week, this article arguing Democrats should embrace marijuana legalization made the rounds (boldface mine): To put it simply, liberals’ slow evolution on the issue is hurting the party; It’s clear Democrats could easily turn marijuana into a winning issue. … Continue reading

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Who Owns The Opioid Crisis?

This is prompted by something Brendan Nyhan tweeted: Why is the political system failing to even try to seriously address this issue? Only moderately salient at national level. Vastly less attention/debate than, say, drug war at its peak even though … Continue reading

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The Opioid Crisis Will Be With Us For Decades: Lessons From D.C.

D.C. offers a sobering lesson about just how long a drug addiction crisis lasts in a community (boldface mine): While other jurisdictions across the country grapple with opioid overdoses among their white residents, the District offers a unique perspective. The … Continue reading

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The ‘Opioid’ Crisis Runs Deep

As we’ve noted before, while opioids rack up the highest body count, many kinds of drug use have become much more lethal: Since 2011 opioid and opiate deaths combined in Ohio have increased from 1,228 to 4,365 in 2016–a 3.55-fold … Continue reading

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What’s The Matter With Ohio?

Because Ohio’s drug-related deaths have skyrocketed since 2011: (the link has a good interactive chart). Since 2011 opioid and opiate deaths combined in Ohio have increased from 1,228 to 4,365 in 2016–a 3.55-fold increase. But cocaine overdose deaths have increased … Continue reading

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Sessions’ War On (Some People Who Use Certain) Drugs: A Page From LePage

So Attorney General and elite racist Jeff Sessions wants to restart the War on Drugs, 1980s style (boldface mine): Attorney General Jeff Sessions has brought Cook into his inner circle at the Justice Department, appointing him to be one of … Continue reading

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The Rise In White Drug Abuse Deaths Is Long-Term And Gradual

There has been a lot of chatter about a recent Case and Deaton paper and follow-on media interviews which ascribe the increase in white working class mortality to ‘diseases of despair.’ Interesting how, when the white working class gets hammered, … Continue reading

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Maybe This Has Something To Do With The Reproducibility Problem?

Recently, the Atlantic had an article about people who earn a living as clinical trial test subjects. Some ‘methodological notes of interest’ (boldface mine): Intrigued by the promise of an easier way to make money, he enrolled as a guinea … Continue reading

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