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Links 9/30/16

Links for you. Science: How We Got Here: DNA Points to a Single Migration From Africa Quantum teleportation over 7 kilometres of cables smashes record A meeting of two ancient empires: How did two Chinese skeletons find their way into … Continue reading

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When Even The Devil Doesn’t Want His Due…

…you know your name is Trump: As this column has noted previously, virtually no big United States banking institution has done new business with Mr. Trump in years, in part because of his history of bankruptcies and his penchant for … Continue reading

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Yahoo’s Mayer Is A Bad CEO

Ever since she took over Yahoo and subsequently screwed up Flickr, I haven’t been Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer’s biggest fan. But this is awful (boldface mine): When Marissa Mayer took over as chief executive of the flailing company in mid-2012, … Continue reading

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Links 9/29/16

Links for you. Science: Report on drug resistance in Canada shows some declines Is Cold Fusion Feasible? Or Is It A Fraud? Pugs are anatomical disasters. Vets must speak out – even if it’s bad for business How the FDA … Continue reading

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However Tough Trump Thinks He Is, He Wouldn’t Last Ten Seconds in D.C.’s ANCs

This is surreal (boldface mine): For unpaid positions with little real political power, the District’s Advisory Neighborhood Commissions inspire a surprising amount of violence, including a 2014 shoving match. Now, in what may be the most notable instance of ANC-related … Continue reading

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The Wages Of Moderate Policy Wonkishness

Or is it wonkery? Anyway, one of the things that rattled around the Democratic primary was what would any Democratic president would be able to accomplish, at best (certain from today’s vantage point), a Democratic Senate and a Republican House. … Continue reading

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Links 9/28/16

Links for you. Science: I named a parasite after Barack Obama. It was meant as a compliment. Bring back the 2-3 year Developmental R01 America’s Wildlife Body Count Bacteria Evolving Resistance Can the Cancer Moonshot do what its advocates promise? … Continue reading

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Is NIH Purchasing Risk-Free Science?

Drugmonkey, building on a comment left at his blog, claims the following (boldface mine): This comment from dsks absolutely nails it to the wall. The NIH is supposed to be taking on a major component of the risk in scientific … Continue reading

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Links 9/27/16

Links for you. Science: What has happened down here is the winds have changed (must-read; accessible to non-scientists) Patients Turn To San Diego Stem Cell Companies For Costly, Unproven Treatments In First, UN Will Consider Antibiotic Resistance Could Ancient Remedies … Continue reading

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Some Post-Debate Thoughts

In no particular order. Here we go: 1. This probably didn’t sway any partisans’ opinions. To Trumpists, Clinton was probably fake, hectoring, and shrill, while Trump hit the regular high notes they’ve come to expect. To Clinton supporters, Trump was … Continue reading

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