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These Men Of The Library of Congress

Observed at the Library of Congress, D.C.: At the time, World War I was the World War. Then:

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Cloudy Flags

Observed at Georgetown Neighborhood Library, Georgetown, D.C.:

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The Watha T. Daniel Library, Shaw, D.C.: \

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With Mambo Sauce

Observed in the Martin Luther King Library, D.C.: More about Chuck Brown here.

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The Slow Squeezing of the Security State: The Library of Congress Edition

A few years ago, I had occasion to visit the Harvard Medical School Library–the building with all of the cool stuff. Getting in wasn’t a problem, but leaving involved a lot of security–they didn’t want a lot of people wandering … Continue reading

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Historically Important Bottles

Observed in the Peabody Room, Georgetown branch of the D.C. Public Library: I’m not sure why these are historically important, but there’s not much of the original archival material left due to a fire several years ago. Still pretty though.

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The Possible End of Net Neutrality: Wither the Library?

Pun intended. Lynne Bradley, the director of government relations at the American Library Association, writes (boldface mine): Net neutrality is really important for libraries because we are, first of all, in the information business. Our business now is not just … Continue reading

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