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25% Of Non-Black Clinton Supporters Are Bigoted Sh-theads: Blanket Definitions Of Voting Blocs Are Stupid

See update below And shithead non-black Sanders supporters are at about twenty to thirty percent, if that makes you feel any better. Last week, Reuters released a poll which asked supporters of various presidential candidates about their attitudes towards black … Continue reading

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Sanders Supporters Aren’t To The Right Of Clinton’s (Thoughts On Post-Pub Review)

Unless you include likely Republican voters as Sanders supporters. A couple of weeks ago, political scientists Chistopher Achen and Larry Bartels published a NY Times op-ed claiming that Sanders supporters aren’t more liberal than Clinton supporters. Achen and Bartels were … Continue reading

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Looks Like There Might Be A ‘Trump Effect’

I recently suggested that Trump’s polling numbers might seem worse than they actually are because some Trump supporters will be embarrassed to admit they support him. Turns out I might have been onto something (boldface mine): There is also strong … Continue reading

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Is There A ‘Trump Effect’?

People used to talk about the ‘Bradley Effect’, named after African-American mayor and failed gubernatorial candidate William Bradley, who lost even though pre-election polls predicted a victory. It was thought some voters who intended to vote for the white candidate … Continue reading

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Understanding The Limitations Of Your Data: The Slavery Polling Edition

Last week, a YouGov poll announced that twenty percent of Trump supporters disagreed with the freeing of slaves after the Civil War. I won’t deny that a huge (YOOGE!) component of Trump’s appeal is Palinist–that is, white nationalist (though I … Continue reading

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What Does a Debate Poll Mean When 60% of Respondents Didn’t Watch It?

For the record, I’ve never really based what I should think and believe on what polls say. I opposed the Iraq War when it was popular, I opposed the Patriot Act when it was popular. I opposed torture when it … Continue reading

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When It Comes to Vaccination, The Kids Are Not Alright

Too often, younger adults are incorrectly faulted for doing things wrong (e.g., they’re actually doing better than their parents did academically). But, as a recent YouGov poll shows, when it comes to vaccination, younger adults really need to pull their … Continue reading

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