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When Standard ‘Pundit Talks To Pals’ Behavior Is Gussied Up With Numbers

Et tu, 538? One of the long-standing problems in political punditry is when pundits consider the group of people they know, a group which is almost always completely unrepresentative of the phenomenon they’re discussed, as a representative sample. Seth Masket, … Continue reading

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Democratic Primary Voters Who Have No Intention Of Voting For The Democrat In The General

Even if their favorite Democrat wins. Or maybe it’s just crap data. There’s a poll that was released with very small sample sizes, but which also had some interesting tidbits, so it was pushed far and wide because it made … Continue reading

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Twitter Isn’t Anything Like Meat Space: The Democratic Primary Twitter

Especially pseudo-woke Twitter. A couple weeks ago, I was on the Lush Left podcast, mostly proving that, as sucky as my blog is, I give even worse interviews…. Anyway, one thing we did discuss was how Twitter isn’t anything like … Continue reading

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About The Missing Generation…

Over the weekend, this photo rumbled across the transom–see if you can find what’s missing: Like most of the GenXers on the Twitterz, I just laughed: of course GenX was ignored. But snark aside, this omission actually tells us something … Continue reading

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25% Of Non-Black Clinton Supporters Are Bigoted Sh-theads: Blanket Definitions Of Voting Blocs Are Stupid

See update below And shithead non-black Sanders supporters are at about twenty to thirty percent, if that makes you feel any better. Last week, Reuters released a poll which asked supporters of various presidential candidates about their attitudes towards black … Continue reading

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Sanders Supporters Aren’t To The Right Of Clinton’s (Thoughts On Post-Pub Review)

Unless you include likely Republican voters as Sanders supporters. A couple of weeks ago, political scientists Chistopher Achen and Larry Bartels published a NY Times op-ed claiming that Sanders supporters aren’t more liberal than Clinton supporters. Achen and Bartels were … Continue reading

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Looks Like There Might Be A ‘Trump Effect’

I recently suggested that Trump’s polling numbers might seem worse than they actually are because some Trump supporters will be embarrassed to admit they support him. Turns out I might have been onto something (boldface mine): There is also strong … Continue reading

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