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Facebook Is a Conservative News Organization: The PreP Edition

It’s becoming increasingly obvious that Facebook should be thought of as a conservative publication–the editorial decisions are rightwing, as Jacob Silverman has noted (boldface mine): If it’s not clear already, then it must be said: Facebook is a right-wing company, … Continue reading

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A Single Healthcare System Internalizes Costs that Corporations Would Like to Externalize

And that’s a good thing. This is a really good point I haven’t seen mentioned much in discussions of healthcare insurance funding (boldface mine): We need universal health care because we cannot sue enough companies to pay for all of … Continue reading

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No One Could Have Predicted Closing a Needle Exchange Would Cause a Hepatitis C Outbreak

Actually, everyone would have predicted this (boldface mine): A new case of hepatitis C was reported nearly every eight hours in Kanawha County [West Virginia] last year. The number of men and women diagnosed in 2018 with the infectious disease … Continue reading

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Trump Is Bad for Your Health

At least if you’re a fetus in a Latina in the U.S. (boldface mine): Design, Setting, and Participants In this national population-based study, an interrupted time series design, used to evaluate whether policies or other population-level changes interrupt a trend … Continue reading

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D.C., Murder, and Lead

While I’m wary of monocausal explanations, one case where I’ll make an exception has to do with lead poisoning and crime. As Kevin Drum has pointed out (for a very long time), there is compelling evidence that the surge in … Continue reading

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The Politics Of Abortion In The Mainland Colony

There’s a very good Washingtonian article about what will happen to women’s medical care if Roe v. Wade is repealed–definitely worth the read. But it also describes what happens to public policy when you’re governed under the ethos of extreme … Continue reading

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Urgent Care Centers Are Misusing Antibiotics

This is a problem (boldface mine): Visits for antibiotic-inappropriate respiratory diagnoses accounted for 17% (n = 10 009) of retail clinic visits, 16% (n = 441 605) of urgent care center visits, 6% (n = 9 203 276) of medical office visits, and 5% (n = 257 010) of ED visits. Among visits … Continue reading

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