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A Higher Minimum Wage Saves Lives

By way of the Pump Handle, we come across two studies about public health and the minimum wage. Guess what? Not being poor is good for people (boldface mine): Published this month in the American Journal of Public Health, a … Continue reading

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Norovirus, The GOP, And Public Health Policy, Oh My!

Admittedly, the norovirus outbreak at the Republican National Convention has led to all sorts of ‘shitshow’ jokes, but there really are policy and political angles to this. As we’ve noted many, many, many, many times, the greatest norovirus vector–in English, … Continue reading

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It’s A Good Thing, Then, We Pay Infectious Disease Specialists So Much

Ha! We make the funny (boldface mine): Sjoding and colleagues sought to examine changes in the composition of patients admitted to the ICU by describing the demographic characteristics, diagnoses, and outcomes of patients admitted to critical care units in US … Continue reading

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The War On Science: The NFL Edition

Whenever you read about assaults on the scientific process, it’s safe to say you should always follow the money (boldface mine): The league’s conduct with the NIH was strikingly similar: a deficient and false process, with an attempt to strong-arm … Continue reading

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Republicans Are Making No Sense About Zika

Before I get to the politics part, my take on Zika, which I’ve stated from when this first became a global concern, is that an outbreak is largely a political and social concern. In terms of loss of life (i.e., … Continue reading

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Suburban Cars And Urban Health

One of the differences I’ve noticed between Boston and D.C. is the apparent air quality–there are days in D.C. when you can really feel the air pollution. On those days, I love single car commuters all that much more (can … Continue reading

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Just As We’re Getting Good At Genomic Surveillance…

…we run into a problem. From Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (what you don’t read it? Loser. Boldface mine): To evaluate progress toward prevention of enteric and foodborne illnesses in the United States, the Foodborne Diseases Active Surveillance Network (FoodNet) … Continue reading

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