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We Dodged A Bullet With Former HHS Secretary Price

Admittedly, it’s not Tom Price, but his wife and Georgia lawmaker Betty Price (boldface mine): State Rep. Betty Price, a Republican from Roswell, suggested quarantining people living with HIV during a House study committee meeting addressing the barriers HIV-positive people … Continue reading

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The Opioid Crisis Will Be With Us For Decades: Lessons From D.C.

D.C. offers a sobering lesson about just how long a drug addiction crisis lasts in a community (boldface mine): While other jurisdictions across the country grapple with opioid overdoses among their white residents, the District offers a unique perspective. The … Continue reading

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The Difference Between Healthcare And Health Insurance: The Opioid Edition

In all of the debate about the healthcare system–which is actually a debate about paying for healthcare–what goes missing is, well, healthcare. That is, does the healthcare system increase or decrease lifespan, quality of life, and so on. Which brings … Continue reading

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Betsy McCaughey Engages In Classic Whattaboutism On Healthcare

So I came across this op-ed about Medicaid by Betsy McCaughey, a long-time foe of, well, any healthcare insurance improvements (and who also thinks we can combat the antibiotic resistance problem with hospital choice), and, surprisingly, it started off well … Continue reading

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Chemical Saftey During The Reign Of Il Trumpe

Only one month after the Trump administration liberated us from the horrors of pesticide regulation, this happened (boldface mine): On May 5, more than 50 farmworkers outside of Bakersfield, California, were exposed to a highly toxic pesticide that apparently drifted … Continue reading

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Automobile Deaths As A Public Health Problem

One of the least discussed public health crisis are U.S. road deaths. In fact, when they are discussed, it’s usually along the lines of ‘this year, [bad thing X] surpassed road deaths.’ It never seems to occur to anyone that … Continue reading

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Lessons From D.C.’s Botched Zika Surveillance Program

Once again, we are reminded that our scientific and public health infrastructure is not some massive edifice, but is usually a handful of people operating with very limited budgets. Which can lead to some real problems (boldface mine): When Anthony … Continue reading

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