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Note To Anti-LGBTers: This Is How You Conscientiously Object

A Montanan public servant decided to not obey what he considered an unjust directive to help ICE deport immigrants. See if you can find the interesting part! (boldface mine): As a legal secretary with the department since 2011, Dyrdahl-Roberts was … Continue reading

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Healing The Sin Sick Soul

In light of the last couple of year’s events, this seems particularly relevant. Also, there’s an excellent essay that puts King in context here. (from here) These excerpts from a speech Martin Luther King gave to striking sanitation workers in … Continue reading

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Heroes In Their Own Minds

Friday, David Roberts had a series of disturbing tweets in which he described how many people do not realize how awful Republican policies are, even when you tell them. They simply don’t believe that anyone could propose such horrible things. … Continue reading

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The Wages Of Torture And The Triumph Of Nihilism: The Roy Moore Edition

After the revelations that Alabama Republican U.S. Senate candidate and long-time moral scold Roy Moore initiated inappropriate “sexual encounters” with four teenage girls while he was an assistant district attorney, including one fourteen year-old who was there for a custody … Continue reading

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Formalism Versus Substance

This column, while focused on the Arpaio pardon, contains a very good point about the perils of formalism (boldface mine): Predictably, outrage swiftly followed the pardon. Pointing both to the crime for which Arpaio was convicted and the fact that … Continue reading

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Resisting Schadenfreude In A Time Of Trump–The Healthcare Edition

I realize that, as a matter of practical politics, haranguing those who voted for Trump while thinking he would help them isn’t a clever strategy. Likewise, there are too many people who didn’t vote for Trump, who will be screwed … Continue reading

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Tolerance Is A Peace Treaty And A Social Compact, Nothing More

Despite people in the D.C. area being very passionate about politics, there is a ‘cease fire’ when people aren’t on the clock: political figures should be able to go to the grocery store without being heckled. This tolerance is not … Continue reading

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