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We Have Run Out of Good Choices

There is only deciding which choice is worse. From Takoma, in D.C. (boldface mine): A proposed 200-bed shelter in D.C. to house detained immigrant children is likely to face a number of legal and regulatory obstacles from city officials and … Continue reading

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On Elliot Abrams

Sometime after the Iraq War, I remarked to a friend that everyone who supported that war should be hounded from political life. He responded, “That would mean about half of Democrats and most Republicans would be disqualified.” To which I … Continue reading

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First, We Stop The Dying. Then, If Needed, We Worry About Inflation

With radical centrist Howard Schultz tossing his hat into the ring, as predicted, radical centrists are starting up with the ‘how are you going to pay for it?‘ crap. The snarky answer would be, “We’ll pay for it the same … Continue reading

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MLK On Civil And Human Rights

This lengthy article (pdf) about Martin Luther King from 1968 is worth a read today. It’s a very good rebuttal to those who would ignore the economic consequences and causes of racism.

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A Modest Proposal: Enforce All The Laws

This week, in response to the murder of a woman who was killed by a panhandler she was trying to help, a really rich guy wrote an op-ed arguing that police should enforce the panhandling laws: Baltimore City has a … Continue reading

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Kavanaugh Teaches Us What Privilege Really Is

The use of the word privilege is always fraught with difficultly: many people will automatically shut down upon hearing that word, since they don’t believe they are privileged–after all, one can always ‘look up’ and find someone with more advantages … Continue reading

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Why Our Foreign Policy Establishment Is Morally Bankrupt

Anne-Marie Slaughter in response to Operation Desert Stormy: I believe that the US, UK, & France did the right thing by striking Syria over chemical weapons. It will not stop the war nor save the Syrian people from many other … Continue reading

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Note To Anti-LGBTers: This Is How You Conscientiously Object

A Montanan public servant decided to not obey what he considered an unjust directive to help ICE deport immigrants. See if you can find the interesting part! (boldface mine): As a legal secretary with the department since 2011, Dyrdahl-Roberts was … Continue reading

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Healing The Sin Sick Soul

In light of the last couple of year’s events, this seems particularly relevant. Also, there’s an excellent essay that puts King in context here. (from here) These excerpts from a speech Martin Luther King gave to striking sanitation workers in … Continue reading

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Heroes In Their Own Minds

Friday, David Roberts had a series of disturbing tweets in which he described how many people do not realize how awful Republican policies are, even when you tell them. They simply don’t believe that anyone could propose such horrible things. … Continue reading

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