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Of Course The Clinton Camp Is Sending Out Feelers to Kissinger–They’re Friends

Charles Pierce, on hearing that the Clinton campaign is trying to get an endorsement from none other than Henry Fucking Kissinger (boldface mine): If Hillary Clinton actively seeks, or publicly accepts, the endorsement of Henry Kissinger, I will vote for … Continue reading

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Chomsky Has Become A Capitalist Stooge!

I kid, but this is something anyone thinking about voting Green or sitting out the presidential election should read (boldface mine): 1) Voting should not be viewed as a form of personal self-expression or moral judgement directed in retaliation towards … Continue reading

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What Democrats Must Learn From Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel

Never trust a bagman–or a New Democrat. And as we’ll see, it’s often really hard to tell the difference. Chicago mayor, former Clinton and Obama apparatchik, and New Democrat has always had a strained relationship with Chicago’s public schools. When … Continue reading

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Publisher Concerns Over Priority Should Never Trump Learning More About Rape

Does posting on PubPeer count as prior publication? Journal says yes, rejects letter rebutting campus sexual assault data Consider this a case study in when publishers’ prerogatives run roughshod over the needs of scientists–and society as a whole (boldface mine): … Continue reading

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Zika, Data Release, and the Tragedy of the Commons

This does not bode well for public health-related sharing (boldface mine): When researchers in Brazil posted four Zika virus genome sequences in the online repository GenBank on 26 January, they were complying with a call for scientists to openly release … Continue reading

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A Potential Ethics Problem With Massive Genomic Screening

It’s the metadata. Thankfully, I’m not a bioethicist (just a Mad Biologist), so I won’t have my concerns ruled out immediately. But when I read about proposals like this one to sequence everyone’s genome on the planet, I have concerns–which … Continue reading

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“There Is a Balm In Gilead To Heal The Sin Sick Soul”

(from here) These excerpts from a speech Martin Luther King gave to striking sanitation workers in Memphis seems appropriate for the political moment. The speech: My dear friends, my dear friend James Lawson, and all of these dedicated and distinguished … Continue reading

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