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One Reason Why Dems Fail: Concern over Procedure Versus Outcomes

Until Democratic politicians realize that, for them anyway (if not Republicans), good outcomes are what will get them re-elected, they are headed to a lot of trouble in 2010.
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Saturday Links

It’s a slushy Saturday. That means lots of time to read links.
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Don’t Let Animal Rights Terrorists Shift the Overton Window

In the midst of condemning these thugs, we need to remember something very important: the consequences of the ideas that non-violent animal rights advocates hold are reprehensible.
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Training PhDs to Be Something Other Than Academics: Thoughts on Doctoral Training

Learning to write for less technical audiences is a really important skill, and it’s a good way to keep your career options open.
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Thursday Links

We’re in full Schlump season here. Links for you.
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Yes, We Have a PhD Glut…

…if you’re not a tenure-track PhD (and that will be most of you. Sorry). And why the center model is a good one.
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Somewhere on the Internet Edmund Andrews Is Wrong About Taxes

Do people who make $50,000 per year pay less in federal taxes as a fraction of their income? Yes, but it’s hardly soak the rich territory.
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Best Defense of Pseudonymity EVAH!

Outsourced to the Epicurean Dealmaker.
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Note to MBTA: There’s Over $1 Billion on the Table. Please Pick It Up

Letting a good proposal die would be political malpractice.
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Monday Links

Merry Monday. Links for you.
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