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The Hidden Keynesian Stimulus

Or maybe it should be called a Lernerian stimulus? Either way, this excellent story about the USDA touches on an important reason why so many ‘anti-government’ U.S.-ians are fine with receiving government assistance–they don’t realize they’re getting government aid (boldface … Continue reading

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The Republican War On Microbiology

Yes, this is from Trump’s proposed budget, not a Congressional proposal. But until Republicans shoot this down–if they do shoot it down–they own this (boldface mine; color original): Welcome to the ARS Culture Collection (NRRL) Please note that the President’s … Continue reading

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Chemical Saftey During The Reign Of Il Trumpe

Only one month after the Trump administration liberated us from the horrors of pesticide regulation, this happened (boldface mine): On May 5, more than 50 farmworkers outside of Bakersfield, California, were exposed to a highly toxic pesticide that apparently drifted … Continue reading

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Has Vertical Farming Come Of Age?

Finally? Vertical farming–which is essentially growing crops in buildings–might have finally arrived. The problem has always been that it wasn’t clear that these farms could make money. According this article, that doesn’t seem to be a problem (boldface mine): Most … Continue reading

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A Public Health Question About the Bird Influenza Epidemic

You might not be aware of a massive bird flu epidemic ripping its way across the U.S.: Iowa, where one in every five eggs consumed in the country is laid, has been the hardest hit: More than 40 percent of … Continue reading

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What Does “Human Antibiotics” Mean?

Because, like Honey Badger, bacteria just don’t give a shit what they’re called. Recently, Tyson Food, the largest U.S. poultry producer, announced they’re changing their antibiotic use policies (boldface mine): Tyson Foods, Inc. (NYSE: TSN) said today it is striving … Continue reading

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Vertical Farms and Surburbia/Exurbia

I’ve been interested in vertical farms since the idea was first kicked around. While there’s still a lot of pie-in-the-sky type thinking about vertical farming, it looks like it’s beginning to happen (boldface mine): A former Grammer, Dempsey and Hudson … Continue reading

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