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So Can I Sue for More Grant Money?

Suing for funding? Not a good decision.
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Egg Donation, Stem Cell Research, and Lady Bits

The ethics and ickiness of egg donation.
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Stem Cells and the Politics of the Ethics of the Few

Overestimating the case against embryonic stem cell research.
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I’m Feeling Good About an Obama Presidency Already

I’ve been hoping that somewhere there are a bunch of smart people figuring how to unfuck all the stuff that Little Lord Pontchartrain has fucked up using the power of the Executive Branch. Obama’s ahead of me.
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Abortion, Stem Cells, In Vitro Fertilization, and Tribalism

The ‘pro-life’ position on embryonic stem cell research has nothing to do with ethical reasoning and everything to with tribalism.
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Amniotic Stem Cells Used to Grow Heart Valves

Every year in the U.S., thousands of children are born with heart valve defects. Researchers have developed a way to grow heart valves from stem cells in amniotic fluid.
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