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How To Betray The Resistance

This is yet another reason why this ‘Old Democrat’ has trust issues with the New Democrats (boldface mine): In the wake of the Equifax scandal, Congress has been under pressure to act. But the price of modest reforms in Washington … Continue reading

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Hagiography Gone Wrong

When historians look back and wonder how we got into this shitty mess (assuming there are still historians), there will be one thing Obama did very, very wrong. It wasn’t healthcare, though maybe next time, Democrats should design a program … Continue reading

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Median and Marginal Voters: When Good People Get Conned

Before Il Trumpe has been annointed, there’s already a spate of stories about people who are disgusted by Trump’s nominee for Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin, who like many bank CEOs profited by foreclosing on people’s homes (often fraudulently or over … Continue reading

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The Problem Is Not One Of ‘Tone-Deafness’

David Dayen, whom progressives usually like unless he’s criticizing Clinton, in which case he is TEH SUXXORS (as the kids used to say), notes the following about speeches she gave to various investment banks (boldface mine): Far from chiding Goldman … Continue reading

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Preventing the Next Banking Crisis: Let’s Talk About Fraud

A column by Paul Krugman argues Clinton’s financial regulation strategy is better than Sanders’, though he argues it’s a pretty small difference (boldface mine): Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders had an argument about financial regulation during Tuesday’s debate — but … Continue reading

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MERS Strikes Again–And I Don’t Mean The Virus

Years ago, I argued that MERS (Mortgage Electronic Registration Systems) fundamentally uncut the basic foundations of property law by destroying and invalidating the transmission of titles–all so it would be easier to bundle and slice mortgages. It would appear, in … Continue reading

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A Very Bizarre Outcome of Big Sh-tpile: The Snow Shoveling Edition

The collapse of Big Shitpile, aka the housing fraud that occurred between 2000 – 2007 give or take, has had many horrid effects: massive unemployment, millions of households saddled with the worst kind of debt, people losing their homes, the … Continue reading

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