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Saturday Sermon: Post-9/11 Panic Syndrome

“…behind their posturing, Bush, his manly-men cronies and their right-wing cheering section were trembling weenies…”
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Then Will He Strip His Sleeve and Show His Scars and Say “These Links I Had on Amnesty Day”

Remember Blogroll Amnesty Day.
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Friday Links

Links for a fabulous Friday.
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Science Does Teach Values…

Science has values: “honesty, doubt, respect for evidence, openness, accountability and tolerance…”
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Porn Is Probably Not the Best Way to Restore Science to Its Rightful Place

NSF employees watching porn with NSF IT resources.
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This Is “Wasteful Spending”?

Congress, under pressure from Republicans, cuts $200 million to refurbish the National Mall.
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Scientific Consensus Is a Process, Not a List of Names

One thing that will help in the War on Science is clarity about what a scientific consensus really means.
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Too Big to Fail Is Now Too Big to Manage?

Two bad reasons not to nationalize failing banks.
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Everything I Know About Movement Conservatives, I Learned from Creationists

The political tactics are virtually identical.
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Tuesday Links

Here are some links for you.
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