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An Actual 1950s Style Witch Hunt In Brooklyn

Some on the left have referred to the attempt to determine if Russia affected the election–or has its hooks into the Trump clan–as a ‘Red scare’ or even McCarthyism. Well, an ongoing investigation of a Brooklyn, NY high school principal … Continue reading

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Choosing Schools Or Student Bodies

Eight years ago, I noted the following about NAEP scores (considered to be the gold standard for educational testing): One of the things often heard is that someone is leaving the city for the burbs because the schools are better … Continue reading

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The Educational Equivalent Of Ketchup As A Vegetable

I told you Education Secretary Betsy DeVos would be this administration’s James “We have a black, a woman, two Jews and a cripple” Watt. The Department of Education released this monstrosity yesterday: Leaving aside the illiteracy of the statement, historical … Continue reading

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Good And Bad News About D.C.’s Charter Schools and Creationism

First, the good news (boldface mine): A D.C. public charter school network scrapped plans to award Liberty University a contract to offer online courses to high school students, including a class that would have taught them how to “apply a … Continue reading

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Vox Publishes Something Very Foolish About Public Schools

You’ll be shocked to learn that Vox, gentry-class organ extraordinaire, published something stupid about education reform. Remember: Vox is a wonderful publication along many dimensions. One of its virtues is that it provides constant exercises in how a few statistics … Continue reading

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It Will Be Critical To Keep The Pressure On Democrats: The DeVos Edition

Over the next two years, it’s going to be very hard for the Left (I use that term very broadly) to shift Republican officials on key elements of their platform. That doesn’t mean it can’t happen–or that we shouldn’t try–but … Continue reading

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When Charters Fail To Make The Grade: The KIPP Edition

One of the stupidest education reforms has been the grading of schools on a letter grade. It takes all of the problems with assessment, and then simplifies them, making them worse. But in Texas, it seems to have put the … Continue reading

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