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Campbell’s Law And Student Test Scores

No one could have possibly foreseen this (boldface mine): Thirty years ago, the public schools in Prince George’s County, Md., were hailed as symbols of success. Their students ranked in the 70th percentile nationally in reading and math. Prince George’s … Continue reading

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The Problem Kavanaugh Faces After His Thursday Testimony

All hail the women on the left. The problem Kavanaugh faces is this: To believe Kavanaugh, GenXers who went to college in the 1980s have to completely ignore their own experiences. Colleges, especially the elite ones, were permeated with a … Continue reading

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One Basic Problem For Math Literacy

The Washington Post has a very good piece about math literacy and how it affects minority students. Unfortunately, the column focuses too much on attitudes–which do matter–and not enough on why students can’t do math. That is, what are students … Continue reading

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The Strange Silence Of Education Reformers

Despite the ‘education reform’ movement’s fetishization of the Common Core curriculum*, they never seem to defend the integrity of school curricula. Today’s episode in non-reaction comes from Arizona (boldface mine): Arizona Superintendent Diane Douglas tapped a young-earth creationist to serve … Continue reading

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Opposition To Education Reform

In a New Republic article about education reform, which discusses how Democratic primary candidate Cynthia Nixon is using opposition to education reform as a successful issue against New York Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo, the opposition to education reform among Democrats … Continue reading

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The Foundational Myth Of Education Reform

One of the reasons I started writing about the education reform shenanigans many moons ago is that, in days of yore, education reformers always started their arguments with ‘test scores (usually the NAEP) are declining so we have to do … Continue reading

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Betsy With The Good Hair Isn’t That Bad On Education Policy…

…for a significant portion of the Democratic mainstream (boldface mine): But if I’m reading the reaction to the [Education Secretary Betsy DeVos] clip correctly, what seems to be striking most people as ridiculous is DeVos’ advocacy of two particular ideas: … Continue reading

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