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Bloomberg and How the Teachers’ Revolt Was Disappeared Down the Memory Hole

It’s always an interesting exercise to see what gets disappeared down the memory hole. Less than two years ago, in state after state, blue, purple, and red, teachers shut down state capitols and forced serious concessions. Yet now, Democratic-aligned pundits, … Continue reading

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‘Coding’, Coding, and Biologists

Saturday, I reupped a piece about coding and biologists, which seemed to make a lot of people upset. I’ll attribute that to ‘instructor error’ on my part, since I obviously wasn’t clear what I meant (people still might disagree, of … Continue reading

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Student Height and Teacher VAM: Best Trolling EVAR!

For a long time, I’ve been arguing that value-added measures–statistical claims of how much an individual teacher increases or decreases student test scores–don’t tell us much about individual teachers and they should not be used. From a study so hilariously … Continue reading

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D.C.’s Ersatz Surge in Reading Scores

With the release of the 2019 NAEP scores, D.C. has been all a tizzy about its seemingly good performance (SURGE!), as evinced by this Washington Post article. Unfortunately, the article is written very confusingly and mixes different types of data … Continue reading

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Educational Performance and Poverty

There’s an interesting study out about the role of poverty, race, and educational performance (boldface mine): High concentrations of poverty, not racial segregation, entirely account for the racial achievement gap in U.S. schools, a new study finds. The research, released … Continue reading

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Understanding the Limitations of Your Data: The Student Debt Edition

As I’ve noted many times, when doing analysis, you must understand the limitations of your data, whether it be the microbiome, genomics, education statistics, polling data, or, well, anything else. With presidential candidates Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders both … Continue reading

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Sanders’ Very Good Education Plan

Since we’ve discussed Warren’s very good housing program*, let’s discuss Sen. Sanders’ recently released educational program. Before getting to the specifics, it’s very broad and comprehensive, such that it has been described in different ways by different reporters. It has … Continue reading

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