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Betsy With The Good Hair Isn’t That Bad On Education Policy…

…for a significant portion of the Democratic mainstream (boldface mine): But if I’m reading the reaction to the [Education Secretary Betsy DeVos] clip correctly, what seems to be striking most people as ridiculous is DeVos’ advocacy of two particular ideas: … Continue reading

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In Ten To Fifteen Years, Two Policies Will Be Finished

The first is our ludicrous anti-gun control policies (boldface mine): “I’ve been told these protocols for years,” she said. “My sister is in middle school — she’s 12 — and in elementary school, she had to do code red drills.” … Continue reading

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Campbell’s Law Meets Graduation Rates: The Ballou High Edition

Recently, D.C.’s often-troubled Ballou High School made the national news, as everyone of its 164 seniors graduated and was accepted to college. Unfortunately, this is yet another case of Campbell’s Law colliding with human nature. Here are some of the … Continue reading

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Getting Graduate Student Labor Right And Overheads Wrong

There’s a very good op-ed about why universities charge tuition to Ph.D. students at all (boldface mine): It’s not the norm for PhD students to pay any tuition. Where I’m in graduate school, at Yale, the billing and payment for … Continue reading

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When You Make Working Conditions Bad For Teachers, They Don’t Want To Work In Your Schools

Weird, isn’t it? In the six years since Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed the union-busting Act 10, which curtailed collective bargaining rights for public employees, the state’s labor movement has been decimated…. Now a new study highlights the unintended consequences … Continue reading

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Maybe Attacking Labor Dems For 25 Years Was A Bad Idea: The MA Teachers Edition

To be clear, I don’t think voting against a Democrat given the current crop of Republicans, even the supposedly moderate ones, is ever a good idea. But, like it or not, when you crap on your base repeatedly, it has … Continue reading

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If We’re Vetting Candidates, There’s One Group No One Is Mentioning

Last week, Democratic/left-ish/lefty Twitter had a nice mauling session. While I’m really not concerned about unity or comity (the various wings of the Republican Party despise each other, yet they seem to be doing rather well electorally), it’s weird that, … Continue reading

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