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Educational Performance and Poverty

There’s an interesting study out about the role of poverty, race, and educational performance (boldface mine): High concentrations of poverty, not racial segregation, entirely account for the racial achievement gap in U.S. schools, a new study finds. The research, released … Continue reading

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Understanding the Limitations of Your Data: The Student Debt Edition

As I’ve noted many times, when doing analysis, you must understand the limitations of your data, whether it be the microbiome, genomics, education statistics, polling data, or, well, anything else. With presidential candidates Sen. Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders both … Continue reading

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Sanders’ Very Good Education Plan

Since we’ve discussed Warren’s very good housing program*, let’s discuss Sen. Sanders’ recently released educational program. Before getting to the specifics, it’s very broad and comprehensive, such that it has been described in different ways by different reporters. It has … Continue reading

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Schools Still Need Libraries

I’ve written before about the disparities in D.C.’s public school libraries. Well, this also seems to be a problem in other cities too (boldface mine): Here we go again, tumbling down the shaft and into a bizarro world in which … Continue reading

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Generational Effects And College Tuition

One key point in discussions about Warren’s (and Sanders’) college tuition plans that goes missing is that college is far more expensive than it used to be–that is, the costs have risen far more rapidly than wages. The problem is, … Continue reading

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Warren’s Very Good College Affordability Program

Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren released a very good college affordability plan. In terms of tuition and expenses, her plan would do the following: That’s why I’m proposing a historic new federal investment in public higher education that will … Continue reading

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Schools In The Richest Nation On Earth

This, from Montgomery County, MD, one of the richest counties in the U.S., is disheartening (boldface mine): When Abbe Milstein’s eldest daughter started at Luxmanor Elementary, the classrooms were roomy. But when her two other children enrolled several years later, … Continue reading

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