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Yes, Kids Transmit COVID

One would think this should be obvious, but, after seeing a bunch of economists on the twitterz congratulate themselves on how smart they were during the pandemic, including praise for Emily Oster, this article from a couple of weeks ago … Continue reading

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If D.C.’s Schools Are Inmate Factories, Then What Are Alabama’s?

Maybe murder factories? Because they’re much worse. While much of the coverage of last week’s Congressional Inquisition into the Affairs of the Mainland Colony (not its real name) focused on Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert’s obsession with public urination (I’m not … Continue reading

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Education Secretary Cardona Says What Is Necessary–and Obvious

Here’s what Education Secretary Miguel Cardona has to say about ‘Parents Bill of Rights’ laws passed by White Christian supremacist Republicans (boldface mine): “I was hired to improve education in the country. I’m not a politician. I’m an educator. I’m … Continue reading

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But the Test Scores! The Gov. DeSantis Edition

Last week, multiple stories described how Florida’s school libraries (and classroom libraries) have removed their books in order to comply* with Florida’s new school book censorship law. For more, here’s a good roundup of how it’s actually playing out, Republican … Continue reading

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A Well Regulated Vagina, Being Necessary to the Security of a Free State

This is one of those ‘what would you say if you saw it in other countries’ thingees (boldface mine): You may remember that back in October I told you about how Florida schools were requiring female student athletes to report … Continue reading

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COVID, Closings, and Context

What the ongoing arguments about school closings ignore is context, in several ways. Yes, there were other ways to control the pandemic (though it’s worth noting that, at local scales, we’ve historically closed schools for short periods to control influenza … Continue reading

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It’s Hard to Learn During A (Mismanaged) Pandemic

David Wallace-Wells gets at something important in all of the discussion about the decline (for certain grades and subjects, among certain demographics, in certain areas) in NAEP scores (boldface mine): But when I look at the data in detail, I … Continue reading

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Some Thoughts on the Fired Orgo Professor

Last week, the NY Times, in its ongoing effort to cover every single academic controversy that might involve the Dreaded Wokeness, had an article about an NYU organic chemistry professor who was fired based on bad teaching reviews–it’s worth noting … Continue reading

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The Cost of Public Four-Year Colleges

I realize student debt is so last week, but here’s the cost of a public, four-year college education, including tuition, fees, room and board, adjusted to 2020 dollars (data from here): It’s increased three-fold since 1980–and, yes, despite the historical … Continue reading

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A Few Thoughts on Biden’s Student Debt Policy

Yesterday, the White House released its student debt plan. Here are some thoughts, in no particular order, about it: It’s a good start. Like so many Democratic initiatives, it is better than nothing, but it doesn’t go far enough. That … Continue reading

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