Links 7/22/18

Links for you. Science:

Sonic hedgehog and Beethoven: An oral history of how some genes got their names
The scientist who coined “stress” wished he had chosen a different word for it
D.C. Front and Center in ‘Summer of STEM’
‘Super Polluting’ Trucks Receive Loophole on Pruitt’s Last Day
There’s No Carbon Tax In D.C. Council’s Clean Energy Bill, Disappointing Some Activists


Yes, Normal Republican Elites Are a Threat to Democracy
Selfishness or survival
‘Civility’ Is What Gave Us Trump in the First Place
Ground Zero in the War on Voting Rights
Is it great to be a worker in the U.S.? Not compared with the rest of the developed world.
Was Martin Luther King a Socialist?
This Ought to Run in Campaign Ads from Now Through Eternity
A Play In One Act
Do Not Upset Voters Who Never Vote For Democrats
Bothersome Bystanders and Self Driving Cars
Are dual-language programs in urban schools a sign of gentrification?
FAA Gives the OK for Airlines to Jam You Into Dangerously Small Coach Seats
Data Suggest That Gentrifying Neighborhoods Powered Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s Victory
‘I’m not climbing a career ladder’: why Keith Ellison is leaving Congress
Why Does No One Care About Meatpackers?
Will museums stop accepting Sackler money in wake of Massachusetts lawsuit?
Jewish WW2 Hero, Max Fuchs, Dies at 94

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Ocasio-Cortez Is Making Me A Little Nervous

I’m not talking about the recent sexist claims by centrist Norm Ornstein* and others that Ocasio-Cortez isn’t ready for “prime time.” Yes, it is sexist, when you consider the howlers many Congresscritters unleash, including this doozy by former Democratic Congressman and Chairman of the Finance Services Committee–who, after many years, should understand the basics of the Federal Reserve System (full disclosure: I donated to Ocasio-Cortez).

No, what worries me is that her defeated opponent, Joe Crowley, is still on the ballot, ashe was also nominated by the Working Families Party (WFP)–this dual nomination is legal in New York and happens often. The WFP is pleading with Crowley to remove himself from the ballot, but he hasn’t done so. But Berniebros, party unity, something, something (apparently, liberal Democratic candidates, regardless of what they call themselves, aren’t covered by the party unity principle).

Ocasio-Cortez did outhustle Crowley (Respect the Hustle!), but not many votes were cast, as primary turnout is often very low and also it’s hard to register for primaries in New York (you have to change your party affiliation months in advance to vote in primaries). I’m worried that between the party apparatchiks, white racists in the district (they do exist), and building unions which are conservative, Crowley just might pull this out–and, unlike the primary, turnout will be higher. To be honest, these groups might just rather have a Republican win than Ocasio-Cortes (the Iron Law of Institutions is still very much live and kicking in the Democratic Party).

I think it’s great Ocasio-Cortez is doing rallies with Sanders and the like, but, as a supporter, I think maybe she needs to spend some more time in the district. Most recent analyses claims her strength wasn’t Latinos, it was people new to the district. She needs to lock this down, as it would be devastating to the left nationally if she didn’t win. That means more time in the district, including reaching to the rank-and-file that stuck with Crowley.

She one of the liberal Democratic politicians this life-long Democrat has been waiting for. Let’s make sure she gets that win.

*When the current state of emergency is over, Ornstein, thanks to his balanced budget fetishism, will be a huge pain in the ass.

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Links 7/21/18

Links for you. Science:

Racial Disparity in K99 Awards and R00 Transitions
NASA images peer through the clouds to reveal the landscapes of Titan
The myth of clean natural gas
Fluoroquinolone Antibiotics: FDA Requires Labeling Changes Due to Low Blood Sugar Levels and Mental Health Side Effects
The Case of Verge Genomics


CEOs vs. Workers
Does Admissions Exam for Elite High Schools Measure Up? No One Knows
How to Combat China’s Rise in Tech: Federal Spending, Not Tariffs
Metro reminds customers that Red Line capital improvement project will close two stations for 45 days starting Saturday
Work less, get more: New Zealand firm’s four-day week an ‘unmitigated success’
Want Gun Control? Arm the Left (It Worked Before)–this seems like a modest proposal?
Here’s Why Vacant Stores, Zombie Malls Are Much Bigger than Mall Vacancy Rates Indicate
Donald Trump Doesn’t Give a Damn About the Legitimacy of His Presidency*
Warren confronts Trump nominee on family separation: ‘That’s a moral stain that will follow you’
‘Blatant discrimination’: Native voters face barriers at ballot box
She Works For Trump
The PARCC, Phil Murphy, and Some Common Sense
The United States Should Be More Like Estonia
A compromised presidency
Political Capital: D.C. statehood would be a boon for Democrats. But to make it happen, the party will have to get over its squeamishness about expanding its own power.
Unhealthy Skepticism
One Landlord, One Vote

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In Case You Missed It…

…a week of Mad Biologist links:

The Perpetual New Democrat Cringe: The Eric Holder Edition

Il Trumpe Is A Bagman: The Turnberry Edition

Who Would Jesus Deport?

You Are The Traffic: The Metro Repair Edition


Death Panels Redux: The National Guideline Clearinghouse Edition

Cash Four

Too Much Parking

Coming Soon

Urgent Care Centers Are Misusing Antibiotics

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Links 7/20/18

Links for you. Science:

Britain’s prehistoric catastrophe revealed: How 90% of the neolithic population vanished in just 300 years
Crows Sometimes Have Sex With Their Dead
The Great Barrier Reef Is Losing Its Ability to Recover from Bleaching Events
ECRI Institute to Continue Clinical Guideline Work Shuttered by Federal Government (related post here; seems like users might have to pay for it?)
Climate Change Is Killing the Cedars of Lebanon


Goodbye to Sunday morning economics (excellent; “…fiscal policy as Washington actually pursues it. Because here’s how it goes, from Monday morning through Saturday night: if a majority in Congress and a president really, really want something, they’ll go and create some money to pay for it.”)
Now We All Know What Putin Has on Trump
What Mueller Knows About the DNC Hack—And Trump Doesn’t (“Donald Trump managed to bend what should have been an embarrassment for Russia and a firing offense for clumsy spies into an embarrassment for the United States and a punch in the gut of America’s intelligence community.”)
Where Democracy Is a Terrifying Business (this isn’t that far removed from how Il Trumpe views politics…)
Who Gets to Decide How to Preserve a Gentrifying Neighborhood’s African American History? (I’m not sure I agree, but I also think parts of Georgetown and Capitol Hill need to be ‘de-historified’ too)
“they put her and her child’s belongings on U Street at 3:00pm as passers by and vagrants picked through her personal property”
Austrian State May Require Jews to Register to Buy Kosher Meat (what could possibly go wrong?)
A new study should be the final nail for open-plan offices
Russiagate Is Far Wider Than Trump and His Inner Circle
It Isn’t The Lies – It’s The Lying
‘People Are Literally Being Poisoned’: How Sewage Problems in Alabama Got So Bad — and Why Other States Should Worry
With strike threat looming, Metro’s largest union lays out demands in letter to elected officials
Witness Saw Jack Evans Accept Cash; Then He Returned Checks
Sisters in Arms
What Was Maria Butina Doing at the National Prayer Breakfast? America’s Christian nationalists have been finding common cause with the Russian government for a while now
Self-Driving Cars Are on the Road to Nowhere

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Urgent Care Centers Are Misusing Antibiotics

This is a problem (boldface mine):

Visits for antibiotic-inappropriate respiratory diagnoses accounted for 17% (n = 10 009) of retail clinic visits, 16% (n = 441 605) of urgent care center visits, 6% (n = 9 203 276) of medical office visits, and 5% (n = 257 010) of ED visits. Among visits for antibiotic-inappropriate respiratory diagnoses, antibiotic prescribing was highest in urgent care centers (45.7%; n = 201 682), followed by EDs (24.6%; n = 63 189), medical offices (17.0%; n = 1 563 573), and retail clinics (14.4%; n = 1444)

In graphic format:


It’s not obvious why urgent care clinics are so bad. If it were just commercial pressures, one would expect retail clinics to be just as bad. It might be that urgent care clinics are getting more severe cases that, for financial reasons, aren’t winding up in the hospital or doctor’s office such as uninsured people. Maybe a lack of ‘prescriber authority’, either due to a doctor-patient relationship (hopefully) or being an ED doc, combined with possibly more severe cases could lead to more misprescriptions. Regardless of the mechanism, this is not good.

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Links 7/19/18

Links for you. Science:

A cleaning lady went to her car to get a mop and was attacked by 80,000 bees
What Breeds Make Up This Mutt?
In India, Summer Heat May Soon Be Literally Unbearable
Here, Kitty Kitty: D.C. Is Counting All Of Its Cats
Archaeologists find world’s oldest bread and new evidence of sophisticated cooking dating back 14,000 years


Don’t Call It Appeasement: The way Trump is treating Putin is much worse.
Trump and Putin are clearly in cahoots — over propping up fossil fuels
The Russians Played the Long Game With the NRA
Donald Trump Is Fulfilling All of Those Obama Conspiracy Theories
A tale of two 20003s: high rises or high rents
We’re finally getting sick of the Kylie Jenners of the world
I Was a White House Stenographer. Trump Wasn’t a Fan.
Metro union’s strike vote was two years in the making
Racing cars though our neighborhoods — a supreme endorsement?
Legal dispute targets spending by $2 million fund to fight gentrification
A ‘F— Donald Trump’ yard sign sent angry man to Charlotte couple’s front door
What lies beneath DC? A lot more tunnels than you might think!
Can Andy Byford Save the Subways?
Bodies believed to be those of 95 black forced-labor prisoners from Jim Crow era unearthed in Sugar Land after one man’s quest
Create a Public Bank by Renationalizing Ally Financial
On justifying policies
FBI informant Marcy Wheeler: ‘Mueller is sitting on a lot’

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