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MCR-1 Confers Resistance To Lysozyme, Part Of Our Immune System

If you don’t know what pleiotropy means, you had better learn the word: when one mutational change confers multiple phenotypic effects. When it comes to antibiotic resistance, this is a bad thing–for us, anyway. Which brings us to mcr-1, the … Continue reading

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It Sucks To Be This Patient: The Seven CPO Edition

It really does for this New Zealand (‘NZ’) patient (boldface mine): Here, we report the isolation of seven distinct CPO [carbapenemase producing organisms–resistant to the last line beta-lactam antibiotics], together with an ESBL-producing Pseudomonas aeruginosa and Proteus mirabilis with an … Continue reading

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Bacterial Whole Genome Sequencing And The Clinic: The Future Is Almost Here

I heard this talk almost a year ago*, so I’m glad this paper is finally out (I’ll translate into English below; boldface mine): The increasing prevalence of multidrug-resistant (MDR) bacteria is a serious global challenge. Here, we studied prospectively whether … Continue reading

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Good News On The Antibiotic Development Front?

A while ago, I mentioned a serious problem in the attempt to combat drug resistance: …I think the greatest challenge is medicinal chemistry. By way of prelude, in days of yore, before the FDA approved virtually everything it was sent, … Continue reading

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Five Percent of D.C.’s Enterobacterial Isolates Are CRE?

I’ve discussed before how difficult it is to measure the frequency of CRE (carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae–E. coli and relatives that are usually resistant to all treatment, with the possible exception of colistin). This is, in part, due to a ‘denominator problem’: … Continue reading

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Do Drug Companies Need Financial Incentives For Antibiotic Development?

One of the commonly stated problems that limits the development of new antibiotics is that the economic incentives are all wrong. A company has to spend a lot of money developing a drug that we then have an incentive not … Continue reading

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Data Reporting Doubts About The Antibiotic Resistance Atlas

Last week, I provided some links to the CDC’s Antibiotic Resistance Patient Safety Atlas (there’s an interactive version here). First, the CDC should be given kudos for putting this resource together. This isn’t a criticism of their effort. But the … Continue reading

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