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We Don’t Know How Much Resistance Many Antibiotic Resistance Genes Actually Provide

This is a problem. At the recent ASM 2017 Microbe meeting (the annual meeting for the American Society for Microbiology), there were many groups, academic, governmental, and industry, trying to use bacterial genomic sequence to predict which antibiotics would be … Continue reading

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Maybe We Need To Remind Patients That Antibiotics Are Chemotherapy

After all, two of the leading journals about antibiotic resistance do have chemotherapy in the title. One reason, I think, many people who try to get antibiotics from their doctors for problems that don’t call for an antibiotic is the … Continue reading

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What We Mean By ‘Antibiotic Resistance’: The Ciprofloxacin-Shigella Alert Edition

While the problem of antibiotic resistance is a common topic (and not just on this blog!), there is little discussion of how we actually measure it–and those details do matter. So before we get to a recent CDC alert–one all … Continue reading

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UTIs: The Other Part Of Antibiotic Resistance That Should Worry Us

I’ve written frequently about the danger CREs–carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae–pose. To recap, CREs are E. coli and its relatives that are resistant to all* penicillin-related drugs (those that start with ceph- or cef-, or end with -cillin or -penem). The bad news … Continue reading

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Pleiotropy Might Help Slow The Evolution Of Antibiotic Resistance

Well, there’s a silver lining in a recently-discovered dark cloud. Before we get started, let’s do a quick biology review. A serious health problem are carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (‘CRE’)–E. coli and relatives that are resistant to all antibiotics that start with … Continue reading

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Thoughts On A Completely Drug Resistant Klebsiella

Since I’ve been asked about this, I’ll have some comments in a bit, but first, the CDC report (boldface mine): On August 25, 2016, the Washoe County Health District in Reno, Nevada, was notified of a patient at an acute … Continue reading

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A Failure Of Data Transmission: The CRE Edition

There’s a very interesting article that came out recently describing the first public report of carbapenem resistance in E. coli from the U.S. food supply. Maryn McKenna provides a good overview: Bacteria containing a gene that confers resistance to a … Continue reading

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