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But They’re Passing Good Legislation!: The Minimum Wage Edition

One of the Democratic establishment’s arguments against impeachment-related hearings is that House Democrats would be better off passing legislation–which will never get through the Senate or White House–that would let voters know what Democrats stand for and would enact were … Continue reading

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The Moral Degeneration Did Not Begin Three Years Ago

Umair Haque has a very good post about where we stand morally and ethically as a nation–as the kids used to say, read the whole thing. His point about normalization is excellent (boldface mine): The bad guys are winning, my … Continue reading

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Big Cannabis?

In this article about former House Speaker John Boehner’s lobbying for legalizing marijuana, this surprised me (boldface mine): The chain-smoking, merlot-sipping, former 12-term congressman from Ohio says he had never lit a joint in his life when he and the … Continue reading

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That…That’s Not What Double-Blinded Means

As the kids used to say, the stupid, it burns. The FDA commissioner has opinions on what double-blinded means (boldface mine): “The FDA does this on a regular basis, which is actually why I was a little surprised at the … Continue reading

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Will Trump Declare Victory on Tariffs and Go Home?

In case you haven’t heard, Il Trumpe has decided that June 10, Mexico will be hit with a tariff… because of immigration (boldface mine): President Donald Trump’s vow to impose new tariffs on Mexican imports risks sabotaging not just his … Continue reading

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The Housing Debate Shows How Meaningless Political Descriptions Are

Last week, Farhad Manjoo of the NY Times had an article which was given the online headline of “America’s Cities Are Unlivable. Blame Wealthy Liberals” and a print headline of “Nimby Liberals Make Cities Unlivable.” Interestingly, Manjoo himself doesn’t use … Continue reading

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Democratic Voters Are Better Than, but Many Are Still Bad

And we need to recognize that. Last week, this poll came across the transom: As you might imagine, it was correctly viewed as bigotry. Then the polling outfit broke this down by party affiliation: < While most people were focusing … Continue reading

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