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The GOP Has Become a Death Cult: The Ohio Vaccination Edition

One point I’ve made over the years is, if you really want to know what Republicans think, look at state and local Republicans, not the national ones, who are usually more polished. From Ohio (boldface mine): Republicans in the state … Continue reading

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The Last Year in Republican Politics: The Triumph of the Palinists

It’s best described by this synopsis of Republican efforts to make mail-in voting harder (boldface mine): Two things conspired to dampen that Republican enthusiasm in recent years: Progressive-minded states began to adopt mail-in balloting as means of boosting overall voter … Continue reading

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The Sum of All Inchoate Feelings: The Voting Suppression Edition

While much of the impetus behind the wave of Republican voter suppression bills is pure political cynicism, we shouldn’t neglect the role inchoate feelings play either (boldface mine): Republicans, when pressed for details on any reported fraud that would prompt … Continue reading

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There Will Be Very Few Consequences for Murderous BullSh-t

This week, Alaska Airlines announced that an Alaskan state representative who refused to wear a mask on the plane will no longer be allowed to fly, turning her roughly two hour commute from the state capital to her district into … Continue reading

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Losing the Battle Over the Word D.C.

Ultimately, D.C. statehood won’t be won or lost over linguistic battles: it will depend on whether Democratic senators, notably narcissist and ideologue Joe Manchin and Manic Pixie Dream Senator Sinema decide to limit the filibuster further, and allow a statehood … Continue reading

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Gym Jordan Is an Asshole, but Fauci’s Response Should Have Been Better

Last week, Republican Congressman Jim ‘Gym‘ Jordan pressed NIAID Director Anthony Fauci on when the horrible infringements on our liberties modest public health measures because it’s just a cloth mask, not a fucking testicle clamp would end. While it’s kinda … Continue reading

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Infrastructure Discourse Follies

I like to think of myself as a reasonably good ‘conservative moment anticipator’, in that I usually have a pretty good understanding of what they’ll do next and why. But I’ll admit I didn’t even imagine the Republican attack strategy … Continue reading

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Higher Education Downsizing and ‘Real’ Majors

There’s an entire outrage industry built on attacking various university departments that don’t teach ‘anything useful.’ Various state governors have jumped on board, and attempt to defund departments, the ones that they find politically incorrect. That’s how the discourse is … Continue reading

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Legalizing Undemocracy

With hundreds of thousands needlessly dead from COVID-19, it’s hard to say we got lucky with Trump. But when it comes to authoritarianism, we were fortunate in that he is lazy, impulsive, and ignorant. But this is the 2024 scenario … Continue reading

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U.S. Politics in One Figure

Well, not all of it. But this figure from Pew pretty much sums up the Republican Party: You’ll note Republicans believe that white people and evangelicals are discriminated against as much as black people. As I’ve noted in a different … Continue reading

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