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But How Will You Pay for It? The Missing the Point Edition

Ever since Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Warren released her healthcare financing plan which, in part, was an attempt to quell the persistent question of ‘how will you pay for it?’, there has been discussion on the left-ish end of Twitter … Continue reading

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They Are So Stupid: The PC Edition

The Conservative Proganda Network believes that the Obama Administration was forcing its national security team to attend political correctness meetings (“PC meetings”): A new book claims that top CIA employees have compared President Trump favorably to his predecessor, indicating that … Continue reading

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Attacking Trump’s Supposed Strength

While it will seem ridiculous–and it is–one of Il Trumpe’s strengths with his supporters is that they believe he is cleaning up corruption (though what most readers of this blog and what Trumpists/Palinists consider to be corruption is probably quite … Continue reading

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Nothing in Movement Conservatism Makes Sense Except in the Light of Creationism

With apologies to Theodosius Dobzhansky. Over the last few weeks, I’ve come across a number of stories, tweets, threads and the like which ask two related questions: How can conservatives make so many false and/or hypocritical statements? When conservatives engage … Continue reading

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What a Difference Two Months Makes: The Lindsey Graham Edition

With the Trump administration betrayal of the Kurds, Republican Senator Lindsey Graham managed to extract his head out of Il Trumpe’s Great and Unmatched Ass, and has spent the last week telling everyone how awful Trump’s policy is (though he … Continue reading

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One Problem with Right Wing Conspiracism

As movement conservatism continues its long descent into nothing more than a mass communicable psychotic break, it leaves behind lots of wreckage. One problem is that the sheer number of hardcore Trumpists means that de-Trumpification will be extremely difficult, if … Continue reading

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Power, Politics, and Our Political Press Corps

Over the weekend, this tweet came trundling across the Twitter transom: To which some asshole with a blog Twitter feed replied: Alter’s question is really telling about how the political press corps views politics. Many GOP senators like Trump’s policies. … Continue reading

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