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Some Thoughts About the AEI’s Roadmap to Reopening the U.S.

Recently, the conservative think tank AEI released a plan describing the milestones needed to bring the U.S. back to normal-ish activity, economic and otherwise. It’s worth discussing because, like it or not, Republicans aren’t going to adopt a plan from … Continue reading

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South Korea as a Baseline for the U.S.: The Soft Bigotry of Low Expectations

Or ‘nuking the goalposts’ if you prefer. After yesterday’s daily attempt by Il Trumpe to hide the greatest dereliction of duty by a president* in my lifetime (for perspective, I’m not young, and there have been some real doozies during … Continue reading

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Republicans to D.C.: Drop Dead

And I mean D.C., not Wor-Shing-Tun. Because, like D.C. learned when Congress prohibited needle exchange, our lives are put at risk when we lack the same rights as other Americans (boldface mine): D.C. officials are crying foul over a provision … Continue reading

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Democrats Should Have Gone After Emoluments

And other forms of monetary corruption. The case is so obvious even the liberal New Republic Jonathan Chait can see it (boldface mine): Meanwhile Trump is engaged in massive personal, ongoing corruption. The Washington Post has obtained Secret Service receipts … Continue reading

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Trump’s Toilet Fallacies

While it was fun mocking Il Trumpe’s obsession with toilets that have to be flushed multiple times, as you might imagine, he really had no idea what he was talking about (boldface mine): The two men say today‚Äôs toilets are … Continue reading

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If a Democrat Had Done This: The Matt Shea Domestic Terrorism Edition

In the era of Il Trumpe, I realize it’s trite to point this out, but we have yet another instance where the press reaction to Republican malfeasance is muted compared to the reaction a Democrat would receive. We go to … Continue reading

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Michael Bloomberg and Lead Poisoning

Maybe he’s not the gifted politician he believes he is (boldface mine): The Harlem mother had spent a decade crusading against landlords whose neglect of lead paint hazards had poisoned thousands of kids, including her youngest son. Michael Bloomberg, the … Continue reading

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