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Trump Thinks The NIH Is “Terrible”

In light of Il Trumpe’s ‘budget’ that would cut NIH funding by twenty percent, it’s worth revisiting something he said in 2015 about the NIH (boldface added): A few days ago Donald Trump called into Michael Savage’s radio show. Savage … Continue reading

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Trump’s Magic Asterisk NIH Budget

Trump budget office hard at work If you haven’t heard by now, Trump’s ersatz budget proposal would cut NIH spending by $6.3 billion dollars, over twenty percent (the number bandied about, $5.8 billion is wrong due to a slight of … Continue reading

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ICE And Freedom

If you’re Latino, or even just ‘look’ or ‘sounds’ Latino, you might want to carry a passport with you at all times (boldface mine): A Gunnison man born in Colorado was picked up by immigration officers after a court appearance … Continue reading

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Grabbing The REINS

So this bill, if passed by the Senate and signed by Il Trumpe, will be a disaster–and it went virtually unoticed (boldface mine): Last week, under the cover of a media bliss-out except among Koch funded right-wing channels, the House … Continue reading

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Will The Rest Of Us Live Long Enough For the Dumb Bastids To Die Off?

One of the less discussed patterns of the 2016 elections had to do with age and Trump support: gosh darnit, old people like ‘im! And, as the kids used to say, elections have consequences (boldface mine): President Trump put both … Continue reading

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The Republican Id Is Visible Down Ballot: The Montana Voting Edition

Looks like a Montanan Republican official wrote something he shouldn’t have (boldface mine): The head of the Montana Republican Party wrote an emergency plea this week warning that legislation allowing residents to cast mail-in ballots would benefit Democrats and make … Continue reading

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