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The Fundamentalist Right Never Went Away

The ‘religious’ right–which is intertwined with racism–never went away: A very interesting piece of data from Alabama exit polls: While White women overall voted for Moore 63 to 34, when you break out evangelical vs non you get evangelical white … Continue reading

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Out Of Touch In Blue America

It’s commonplace to read article after article by someone on the left (construed broadly) who attempts to understand ‘real Americans’–the entire Heartland Whisperer genre comes to mind. Yet articles trying to explain Blue America to ‘real Americans’ seem to be … Continue reading

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Heroes In Their Own Minds

Friday, David Roberts had a series of disturbing tweets in which he described how many people do not realize how awful Republican policies are, even when you tell them. They simply don’t believe that anyone could propose such horrible things. … Continue reading

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The Asymmetry Of Republican Resistance

Recently, I noted that calls for compromise and unity in opposition to Trump were inherently unequal and disadvantageous to the left. Well, E.J. Dionne, who unlike this asshole with a blog, is quite milquetoast in his criticism, agrees (boldface mine): … Continue reading

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The Problem With Grand Anti-Trump Coalitions: All Give And No Take

Jeet Heer describes a supposed centrist anti-Trump coalition (boldface mine): To some centrists and liberals, Kristol’s ideological crisis presents a political opportunity. If many erstwhile conservatives are opposed to Trump, why not form a broad anti-Trump coalition that crosses old … Continue reading

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When You Make Working Conditions Bad For Teachers, They Don’t Want To Work In Your Schools

Weird, isn’t it? In the six years since Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker signed the union-busting Act 10, which curtailed collective bargaining rights for public employees, the state’s labor movement has been decimated…. Now a new study highlights the unintended consequences … Continue reading

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What’s It Like To Be Rep. Louis Gomhert’s Staffer?

Recently, Republican congressman Louis Gomhert (R-Crazy Town) used a chart that supposedly demonstrates Hillary Clinton’s involvement in the Uranium One non-scandal. It was so ridiculous, Stephen Colbert spent much of his show mocking it. Here’s the chart: There’s a ton … Continue reading

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