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Some Thoughts On Charlottesville

In no particular order: Nazis murdered someone. That needs to be stated clearly. The President of the United States was unwilling to condemn white Christian supremacy or Nazis. Nazis. This shouldn’t be surprising, however, as Il Trumpe’s father was arrested … Continue reading

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SC’s Catherine Templeton Is Putting The Goober Back Into Gubernatorial

Well, she seems nice (boldface mine): Catherine Templeton made waves in her first public forum as gubernatorial candidate by saying she is “proud of the Confederacy” and pledged “we’re not going to rewrite history” by removing Confederate monuments… Templeton, a … Continue reading

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Serious Solon Senator Sasse Sasses Kids Today With Their Lazy Avocado Toast

Or something. On Sunday, Serious Solon and Republican Senator Ben Sasse wrote a Very Serious piece about the degeneration of well-off Kids Today who don’t work enough shitty jobs during the summer. If you want to waste your time reading … Continue reading

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They Still Are Who We Said They Were

The good, if not great, news is that the Republicans’ efforts to damage the ACA–which is to say, immiserate millions and kill thousands of their fellow citizens every year–have stalled for now (though keep an eye on the Trump administration’s … Continue reading

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The War On Science (and -ists): The Department Of Interior Edition

Because you can’t have Science without scientists. Or, if you prefer, why civil service protections matter (boldface mine): I am not a member of the deep state. I am not big government. I am a scientist, a policy expert, a … Continue reading

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Our Authoritarian President Doesn’t Know How Our Health Insurance System Works

Il Trumpe (boldface mine): Speaking aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford, Trump extolled the virtues of the “wonderful, beautiful but very, very powerful” nuclear-powered warship — “We will win, win, win,” he said, “we will never lose” — but also … Continue reading

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Most Republicans Nominated This Judge

Meet the personal embodiment of bigotry and campaign donations (boldface mine): Republicans of the Senate Judiciary Committee Thursday pushed through the nomination of John K. Bush, an attorney and a former pseudonymous right wing blogger who once delivered a speech … Continue reading

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