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Here’s My Two-Dimensional Barcode

So I found this real cool two-dimensional barcode generator….
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‘Framers of Evolution’ or ‘Meta-Trolls’?

Most of the biologists around here do a lot more than just our specific research. We’re overcommitted. So stop ‘meta-trolling’ and step up.
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Artificial Versus Natural Selection: The PZ Myers Edition

Darwin’s contribution was that nature can select just like people do.
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Happy Blogoversary to…

Philosopher’s Playground.
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The Weakling Dollar: Expected but Embarrassing

In the land of the euro, the dollar is treated like a banana republic(an) currency.
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SEA to Train Scientists to Run for Political Office

Trying to get more scientists involved in politics.
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Bartlett Is Half Right About Those Refund Checks

Send the refund to local and state governments.
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Valuable Microbiological Archive Destroyed

Scientists, including the Mad Biologist, want to know why the VA destroyed a valuable and irreplaceable microbiological facility.
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I See Stupid People: The Vox Day Edition

Vox Day is a moron who doesn’t understand how biologists use evolution to fight disease–and why that is a moral thing to do. And, in other news, dog bites man.
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Social Security Is Still DOOMED a Samuelson Unit from Now

As has been the case every year since 1993, the Social Security Trust Fund is projected to go bust in 30-38 years from now. And disability insurance is the poor, middle-aged man’s pension.
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