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Links 8/31/18

Links for you. Science: Sleep, the final frontier: This guy studies it. Here’s what he has to say New Trump power plant plan would release hundreds of millions of tons of CO2 into the air A comprehensive guide to yellow … Continue reading

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The Only Way We’re Ever Going To Get Our Internal Security Forces Under Control Is…

…when we inflict them on native-born white people. Consider this episode in genteel ethnic cleansing (boldface mine): On paper, he’s a devoted U.S. citizen. His official American birth certificate shows he was delivered by a midwife in Brownsville, at the … Continue reading

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Links 8/30/18

Links for you. Science: This Bomb-Simulating US Supercomputer Broke a World Record Integrative analysis of fitness and metabolic effects of plasmids in Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 MIT scientists crack the case of breaking spaghetti in two You Don’t Need to Worry … Continue reading

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We Have Turned Oceans Into Deserts

At least when it comes to the macrofauna. Every year, Boston builds a fish weir: A fishweir is basically a large fence that is used to trap fish, which are then caught (usually scooped out of the water)… During the … Continue reading

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Links 8/29/18

Links for you. Science: Low antibiotic levels in the environment may spur resistance Q&A: Scientist and Advocate BethAnn McLaughlin Personal clinical history predicts antibiotic resistance in urinary tract infections Mount Everest is a ‘fecal time bomb.’ Here’s one man’s idea … Continue reading

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The Invisible Light Bulb Vigilantes Are Being Routed

For a long time, a subset of Republicans have been incensed by the prospect of energy-efficient light bulbs. This became a signature issue for rightwing crank and former congresswoman Michele Bachmann: Rightwing wackaloon and Minnesota Congresswoman and possible presidential candidate … Continue reading

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Links 8/28/18

Links for you. Science: What is a good genome assembly? Foxconn Gets a Pollution Pass for Its Wisconsin Factory Are Cities Making Animals Smarter? Crows trained to pick up litter at French theme park My ancestry test revealed a genetic … Continue reading

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