Links 4/24/12

Links for you. Science:

Faculty Advisory Council Memorandum on Journal Pricing
Defeating Bacteria From the Inside Out
How Little Sleep Can You Get Away With?
Why I don’t trust the ant traders, exhibit A
Performance comparison of benchtop high-throughput sequencing platforms (also see here, here, and here)


Setting the Record Straight: The Housing Bubble Lie (must-read)
The high cost of a medical education
Don’t Let Business Lobbyists Kill the Post Office (I wrote about this here)
Bring Back Rent Control!
Stop Blabbing About Innovation And Start Actually Doing It
In Nothing We Trust
How Generalizations About Learning Hurt Student Motivation
Let’s not worry about fake online drugs
Why Do They Hate Us? The real war on women is in the Middle East.
The Federal Reserve Turns Left
Planned Parenthood Worried It’s The Target Of New Undercover Sting
A Shining Example of Healthcare That Works: Home Visits for Asthmatic Kids
Google on track to outspend banks, big tobacco in lobbying

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