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What We Mean By ‘Antibiotic Resistance’: The Ciprofloxacin-Shigella Alert Edition

While the problem of antibiotic resistance is a common topic (and not just on this blog!), there is little discussion of how we actually measure it–and those details do matter. So before we get to a recent CDC alert–one all … Continue reading

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If You Want Federal Agencies To Work Together, They Should Be In The Same Place

Over the weekend, Ross Douthat had an op-ed lamenting the rise of the well-to-do liberal city. We’ll leave aside a key cause of gentrification and pricing out the middle class (note that these aren’t the same thing), which is rising … Continue reading

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The Best Case Scenario For HHS?

For those who are not wise to the ways of Washington acronyms, DHHS (often referred to as HHS) stands for the Department of Human and Health Services. Two organizations that belong to HHS are the CDC and the NIH, so … Continue reading

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The Biggest Problem Our Public Health System Faces Is That It’s Not A System

I’ve made this point many times, but with the possibility of Zika virus transmission due to inadequate control and the political consequences thereof, it probably bears repeating (boldface mine): But there are huge disparities in readiness on the front lines … Continue reading

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An Atlas Of Antibiotic Resistance

So the CDC released an Antibiotic Resistance Patient Safety Atlas. Details are here, while the interactive site is here. A good introduction can be found here. I didn’t realize D.C. had such a high percentage of CRE infections. By the … Continue reading

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Sleep, Income, and Race

One of those things that affects all facets of health–and yet is woefully underemphasized in popular culture–is sleep. But don’t trust me, listen to the CDC: To promote optimal health and well-being, adults aged 18–60 years are recommended to sleep … Continue reading

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Zika, Rubella, and the Procedure That Shall Not Be Named

By way of Scary Disease Lady (aka ‘Maryn McKenna’), we come across the CDC’s recommendations for pregnant women who might have been exposed to the Zika virus, which has been linked to a twenty-fold increase in microcephaly. This is the … Continue reading

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