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The FDA Is Hurting Our COVID-19 Response Too

While the failure by the CDC to quickly release a COVID-19 PCR test has been condemned–correctly*–and even Dr. Tony Fauci of NIH is coming under attack, the FDA, on the whole, seems to have been ignored, but they really shouldn’t … Continue reading

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COVID-19, Geography, and Influence on Policy

Or why moving certain functions out of Wor-Shing-Tun is a bad idea. Every so often, some pundit comes up with the supposedly brilliant idea of moving government agencies out of Washington D.C., so the government can see what ‘life is … Continue reading

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A Neglected Point about COVID-19 Testing

There’s an excellent New Yorker article about the failure to provide enough tests to detect COVID-19. Here’s a point I haven’t seen made elsewhere, but that is really crucial (boldface mine): The public-health-laboratory network was never intended to provide widespread … Continue reading

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The CDC Report On EBSLs & CREs: Better, If Not Good, News

This week, the CDC released a report describing trends in carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriaceae (E. coli and relatives that are resistant to all penicillin derivatives, and are also typically resistant to most or all other drugs; CRE) and extended-spectrum beta-lactamase producing organisms … Continue reading

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Seven Deadly Words At The CDC

So Il Trumpe is doing this to the CDC: The Trump administration is prohibiting officials at the nation’s top public health agency from using a list of seven words or phrases — including “fetus” and “transgender” — in official documents … Continue reading

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We Dodged A Bullet With Former HHS Secretary Price

Admittedly, it’s not Tom Price, but his wife and Georgia lawmaker Betty Price (boldface mine): State Rep. Betty Price, a Republican from Roswell, suggested quarantining people living with HIV during a House study committee meeting addressing the barriers HIV-positive people … Continue reading

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How To Demoralize The Federal Workforce: The Charter Flight Edition

When Republicans haven’t spent the last week trying to kill thousands of their (supposedly) fellow Americans, HHS Secretary (and former Republican congressman) Tom Price has been defending himself from reports that he chartered over a dozen private–and expensive as hell–flights … Continue reading

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What We Mean By ‘Antibiotic Resistance’: The Ciprofloxacin-Shigella Alert Edition

While the problem of antibiotic resistance is a common topic (and not just on this blog!), there is little discussion of how we actually measure it–and those details do matter. So before we get to a recent CDC alert–one all … Continue reading

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If You Want Federal Agencies To Work Together, They Should Be In The Same Place

Over the weekend, Ross Douthat had an op-ed lamenting the rise of the well-to-do liberal city. We’ll leave aside a key cause of gentrification and pricing out the middle class (note that these aren’t the same thing), which is rising … Continue reading

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The Best Case Scenario For HHS?

For those who are not wise to the ways of Washington acronyms, DHHS (often referred to as HHS) stands for the Department of Human and Health Services. Two organizations that belong to HHS are the CDC and the NIH, so … Continue reading

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