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The Weird Thing About Housing ‘Markets’

They don’t really compete based on price. Here’s what I mean by that. Consider D.C.’s Shaw/U Street neighborhood, a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood. There are still new buildings going up in Shaw, as well as available parcels for new buildings. These … Continue reading

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The Fiscal Unsustainability Of Sprawl

Almost a year ago, I described how Omaha, Nebraska was turning some of its paved roads back to gravel: I bear no ill will towards Omaha: I used to have relatives there, and visited often many moons ago. But much … Continue reading

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The Looming Insolvency Of Local Governments

Regardless of who won the presidential election, they stand a reasonable chance of being confronted by the fiscal instability of many municipalities. Here’s another example, this time from Lafayette, Louisiana (boldface mine): When we added up the replacement cost of … Continue reading

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Meanwhile, U.S. Suburbs Are Still Fiscally Unsustainable

I’ve made this point before, but the financial crisis soon to hit U.S. suburbia is another critical issue that wasn’t discussed at all during the presidential campaign, yet affects about half of all U.S. households (boldface mine): With infrastructure crumbling, … Continue reading

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Omaha And Dirt Roads: The Unsustainability Of Suburban Infrastructure

I might have mentioned once or twice how the truly hard problem isn’t the urban housing cost crisis (there are way to fix this; we just don’t want to do it), but the fiscal unsustainability of the suburbs: While Paul … Continue reading

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Car Carnage

Last week, New Yorker cartoonist William Hamilton died in a car crash. According to reports, he lost control of his car and killed himself*. As I noted when mathematician John Nash and his wife Alicia were killed, once you get … Continue reading

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The Wicked Problem Is Suburban, Not Urban

One theme that flares up every so often is the problem of unaffordable housing in cities. While this is a challenge to fix, it’s not a ‘wicked problem.’ There two things we can do: building more housing, and reduce the … Continue reading

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