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Those Lazy College Students

This might have some bearing on why public higher education should be tuition-free (boldface mine): George Washington University has for years pushed back against the notion that it is a pricey school for rich kids. The school grew its financial … Continue reading

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House GOP to Urban Children: Drop Dead

They’re not even trying to hide it anymore (boldface mine): And in a surprising twist, the bill language specifies that only rural areas are to benefit in the future from funding requested by the administration this year to continue a … Continue reading

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“Now is the time to make an adequate income a reality for all of God’s children”: The Need to Politicize MLK Day

(from here) Consider the above picture when thinking about increasing the minimum wage. Or a living wage. Or treating workers as people. Never forget that King was murdered in Memphis while he was supporting striking sanitation workers. Forty-five years after … Continue reading

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Why Understanding Fiat Currency Matters For Scientists: We Are Being Pitted Against Public Health

Because we’re being played off against food stamps by Republican congressmen: We’re only asking for a 5 percent decrease [in SNAP] in a time of budgetary crisis, where this is being put up against funding the NIH for basic medical … Continue reading

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This Is The Fast That I Desire: The Boston School Free Lunch Edition

Because they are our children and because it is the right thing to do: Boston public schools will begin serving free lunches to all students this school year even if families have the financial means to pay, school officials are … Continue reading

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It Starts With the Poor, and Then Is Inflicted Upon Workers: The Payroll Card Edition

If you haven’t heard the latest assault on workers involves the use of payroll cards (boldface mine): But few cases provide a better example of just how direct that relationship can be than that of Natalie Gunshannon, who says her … Continue reading

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Sequestration, Meals on Wheels, and Cancer Drugs: This One Is All on Obama

(from here) There has been a backlash by the kinda, not-really lefitsh punditariat about how little Obama can accomplish. Critics of the critics call it the Green Lantern theory of presidential power: the idea that, if Obama only wished harder, … Continue reading

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