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Some Personal Thoughts on Scientific Meetings in a Time of COVID

Last week, I attended the ASM Microbe meeting held in D.C. Since I could walk or take the Metro there, I felt very safe–arguably, the safest public gathering I’ve attended since the pandemic. Mask compliance was extraordinarily high (>99%), and … Continue reading

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Thoughts On ASM Microbe 2016

And other possibly related things as well, along with various ruminations on my part. Let’s begin: 1. E. coli ST131-fimH30, the clone (‘MLST type’) that causes many ESBL and CRE infections (the only beta-lactams that work against ESBLs are carbapenemes, … Continue reading

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Infrastructure, Global Warming, and Tourism

The are big scientific meetings and little scientific meetings. Big scientific meetings, where the attendees number in the thousands, are important for cities that have a significant tourism industry. So it’s interesting to read this note from the Society for … Continue reading

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Some Advice for the Lonely Students Standing By Themselves Next to Their Posters

Of course, the Mad Biologist never violates these rules. EVAH!
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Too Many Grand Old Man Talks

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What I Learned About Clostridium difficile Infection Control

How to control a very nasty healthcare-associated disease.
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ASM Needs to Change the Format of the General Meeting

Fixing ASM’s general meeting problems.
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The Future of Sequencing at NHGRI Report: The Human Microbiome

Some good suggestions for NHGRI’s role in microbiome research.
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ASM Should Have the General Meeting in Philly Every Year

Having recently returned from the ASM General Meeting held in Philadelphia, I’m convinced that it should be held there every year–or, at least, it should be the permanent East Coast venue.
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