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The Las Vegas Massacre

Some thoughts on this weekend’s mass murder–and I’m trying to not repeat the obvious here: Everyone is a responsible gun owner, until he isn’t anymore. From news reports, it appears the shooter bought his guns legally, and, until the massacre, … Continue reading

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It’s Still The Handguns Stupid

I know I’m shouting into the wind about handguns–which cause the overwhelming majority of gun deaths, both suicides and homicides–but Gary Younge makes an interesting point (boldface mine): Having identified the problem, but without being able to envision any political … Continue reading

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Paranoia As a Mass Communicable Disease

I’m not the bravest person out there–the few times I’ve displayed any sort of bravery, it has been due to a combination of serendipity and stupidity. But this is just bonkers (boldface mine): Wendy Malloy, 49, who lives in Tampa, … Continue reading

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Cruz, Paul, and Rubio Think Making It Easier To Buy a Gun In D.C. Will Make Us Safer

It will probably do wonders for the tourism bidness as well (boldface mine): The three leading senators pursuing the Republican presidential nomination — Ted Cruz (Tex.), Rand Paul (Ky.) and Marco Rubio (Fla.) — have clashed recently on foreign policy … Continue reading

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Gun Use As a Public Health Problem

Steve M. at No More Mr. Nice Blog makes an excellent point (boldface mine): I’m not part of the gun culture — I don’t own guns and haven’t known many people who do. But I don’t condemn the culture outright. … Continue reading

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D.C.’s Crime Wave: Deadlier, But Not More Of It

Since D.C. is the nation’s capital, things that happen here have a disproportionate influence on the policy-making class (politicians, pundits, reporters, and policy wonks). While that’s an unfair burden for any city to bear, especially one that has limited control … Continue reading

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Racism, Guns, and Democrats

It goes without saying that any Democratic presidential candidate will be better on gun control than any Republican. But as we often note in the context of healthcare, better than does not mean good. So I have to admit I’m … Continue reading

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