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Links 6/30/14

Links for you. Science: Reflections on falling in love with small science in the cold room Putting Us All at Risk for Measles Measles cases are spreading, despite high vaccination rates. What’s going on? Race, Gender, IQ and Nature Other: … Continue reading

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Zoot Suites

This house on California Street in Northwest D.C. reminds me of a zoot suit:

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CNBC Is a Global Warming Denialist Propaganda Mill

Unbelievable (boldface mine): How badly does cable news network CNBC want to deny the existence of global warming? For a network with an embarrassing history of fudging the science around climate change, one CNBC booker apears to have made a … Continue reading

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Links 6/29/14

Links for you. Science: Pablo Escobar’s hippos: A growing problem What I Learned at Study Section Antibiotic scientist must push discovery to market: Big pharma not interested in risk and low return of developing new antibiotics Pox Parties: Not as … Continue reading

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Views of the Riviera

The Riviera parked at 18th and P Streets Northwest D.C., that is: From the back: All original interior–with authentic naguahyde (made from real naguas!):

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Oddly Enough, Democrats Are Less Likely to Vote When Their Party Doesn’t Help Them

Or as we like to say, people have to like this crap (boldface mine): Median household income among all Americans is still lower than before the recession, which ended five years ago, according to economic consultant Sentier Research. Key Democratic … Continue reading

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Links 6/28/14

Links for you. Science: Evolution of resistance–bacteria win again Not-quite-fraud-but-close What your science teacher told you about sex chromosomes is wrong METATRANSCRIPTOME OF GUT MICROBIOTA IN WOOKIEES WITH SEVERE INFLAMMATORY BOWEL DISEASE REVEALS DISTINCT PATHOGENIC COMMUNITY COMPOSITION AND FUNCTIONAL PROFILE … Continue reading

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One Law for Abortion and One Law for Banks

Barbara O’Brien makes the smartest comment I’ve read about the recent Supreme Court decision to strike down Massachusetts’ buffer zone law that protects patients (boldface mine): Let’s try a thought experiment: Let’s say a number of people decide that banks … Continue reading

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Links 6/27/14

Links for you. Science: Boston is the Highest NIH-Funded City Biosafety in the balance: An accident with anthrax demonstrates that pathogen research always carries a risk of release — and highlights the need for rigorous scrutiny of gain-of-function flu studies. … Continue reading

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We’re Not Even Waiting for Teachers to Enter the Classroom Before Assessing Them

This is absolutely surreal (boldface mine): A Chicago based company, TeacherMatch, claims to use algorithms to predict the effect that a teacher candidate will have on value added student test scores…. The creators of TeacherMatch have boiled down a teacher’s … Continue reading

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