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Sanders Supporters Aren’t To The Right Of Clinton’s (Thoughts On Post-Pub Review)

Unless you include likely Republican voters as Sanders supporters. A couple of weeks ago, political scientists Chistopher Achen and Larry Bartels published a NY Times op-ed claiming that Sanders supporters aren’t more liberal than Clinton supporters. Achen and Bartels were … Continue reading

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Saturday Sermon: How To Avoid P-Hacking

Outsourced to Daniel MacArthur: A couple of years ago, it was discovered that two very prominent economists, who based on erroneous data (which was also not very robust), were telling governments that when debt reaches ninety percent of GDP (or … Continue reading

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We Will Never Know If Electronic Voting Compromises Elections: Democrats Should Worry About This

I hate writing about this since, on the one hand, I sound like a tin foil helmet type, but starting three years ago, statisticians realized that there was something very weird happening with electronic voting (boldface added): …this pattern [a … Continue reading

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Understanding The Limitations Of Your Data: The Slavery Polling Edition

Last week, a YouGov poll announced that twenty percent of Trump supporters disagreed with the freeing of slaves after the Civil War. I won’t deny that a huge (YOOGE!) component of Trump’s appeal is Palinist–that is, white nationalist (though I … Continue reading

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Understanding the Limitations of Your Data: The Testing Protocol Edition

In the era of Big (Infatuation With) Data, one thing to keep in mind is that all data have limitations. How the data are analyzed and collected can have huge effects on your conclusions. One example is how poor students … Continue reading

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What Does ‘Reproducibility’ Mean?

Drugmonkey does a fine deconstruction of the latest Amgen/Nature paper, so I won’t rehash the whole thing here (go read it; the comments really blow up the details of the replications). But a key point is best summarized by Drugmonkey: … Continue reading

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Understanding the Limitations of Your Data: The Fisheries Edition

This is disturbing (boldface mine): Astudy published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications suggests that the national data many countries have submitted to the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) has not always accurately reflected the amount of fish actually … Continue reading

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