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Idaho Lawmakers Discover That Openly-Displayed Guns Don’t Make You Feel Free

So a guy with a gun (holstered pistol) walks into the Idaho State Legislature. No, this isn’t the setup to a joke, it really happened. Fortunately, no one was hurt, although he latched onto a school group to gain access … Continue reading

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Dallas Fed President: Still an Asshole

Over at Naked Capitalism, Matt Stoller asks “Why Does the Dallas Fed President Want to Destroy West Coast Port Unions?” (boldface mine): It really is clear what is driving the elites. Disinflation is a wonky term meaning reducing the rate … Continue reading

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The (Mostly) Unmentioned Reason for Occupy Wall Street’s Success

As Occupy Wall Street encampments are being evicted, it seems that one key component of the OWS movement’s success has been neglected. Yes, the bottom-up governance structure is exciting. The ‘human mic’ is innovative. Without a doubt, police violence at … Continue reading

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What the One Percent Can Learn from the Revenge of the Water Buffalo

By way of Matt Franko, we come across this video of water buffalo who rescue a calf from a pride of lions (the revenge begins at around the 4:45 mark): While Franko argues that the buffalo are being altruistic, I … Continue reading

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Why Occupy Wall Street Was Right in Not Focusing on Washington: The Challenge to Moderate and Liberal Local Leaders

And try saying “Liberal local leaders” three time fast. Anyway, much of the chattering class, which has had its irrelevancy pointed out by the Occupy protest (note to pundits: the people supporting these protests don’t care what you think), has … Continue reading

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It’s Pretty Obvious What Occupy Wall Street Wants: You Just Have to Read the Primary Literature

While I’ve been convalescing this last week, one of the things that has been all the rage by our chattering classes is Occupy Wall Street (and all of the other occupations across the U.S.). Over and over, Very Serious People … Continue reading

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