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Plato Lives

I found this while reading an excellent article about the PLATO computing system, first developed in the 1960s: Things were a little different back then, including the choice of spokesmen…

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Biologists Should Not Learn How to Code

Update added here OK, that’s a little extreme, but over the Thanksgiving weekend, I came across some advice which essentially amounted to biologists should learn how to code. I’m not sure that’s great advice. Since I’m in the genomics bidness, … Continue reading

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AI, Go, and Self-Driving Cars

I came across this thread which lays out pretty clearly (with .gifs!) an argument against self-driving cars. Put simply: will that car pull out? does the driver see me? is that pedestrian going to cross? is it a child or … Continue reading

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Good Thing The U.S. Government Doesn’t Believe In Global Warming

Because if it did, we’re going to need more supercomputers (boldface mine): Sadly for America, the upgraded Piz Dain pushes the Department of Energy’s Titan supercomputer, which is housed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, into fourth spot. Able to make … Continue reading

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How Does One Even Make an URL Like This?

I receive emails with journal tables of contents, including Emerging Infectious Disease. Here’s the url of an article provided in the article: It resolves to this: Not clear to me why the first version is needed, or how … Continue reading

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Whatever Firefox Did to Kill Flash, It Is Awesome

One of the banes of the internet is all of the crap that loads in the background: all those damn Flash-driven ads. I’m not sure exactly what’s going on, but the most recent version of Firefox seems to kill most … Continue reading

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How Many Hertz Do These Computers Clock In At?

Some old school computers, observed at the MIT Museum, Cambridge MA: For surveyors: Some Mickey Mouse:

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Dear Tim Cook, Whatever You Do, Don’t Listen to Carl Icahn

By way of Matthew Yglesias, we learn that corporate raider Carl Icahn wants Apple to spend more of its cash reserve on buying back stock. I’ve been a long-term Apple shareholder and I think this is a dreadful idea. For … Continue reading

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The First Computer Bug

I had forgotten the origin of the term ‘computer bug.’ Here it is:

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1980s Video Sprite or Chimu Culture Hanging?

You decide: The Museum of Fine Arts tells me that this is from the north coast of Peru and was made between 1000–1476 by the Chimu Culture. I think it’s an homage to 1980s video graphics object-oriented programing code.

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