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The Most Terrifying Internet Timewaster EVAH!

Fear the Attractors.
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So Why Don’t We Steal the French Healthcare System?

In a previous post, I wondered why we don’t just steal someone else’s healthcare system instead of inventing some untried and untested system. In TNR, Jonathan Cohn asks the same question.
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About Those Missing WMD in Syria…

Jonathan Hari of TNR bravely went undercover and joined a cruise hosted by the National Review. That is a heroic sacrifice on behalf of the Coalition of the Sane, and no amount of satire could do that lunacy justice. But Norman “the blood of GIs is better than Viagra” Podhoretz brought up a tired canard of the Delusional Right.
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How Museums Teach Evolution…

…and the psychological brickwalls they run into. With all of the talk about the Creationist Museum, I thought it would be worth discussing a museum that is trying to teach evolution. In the June 2007 issue of Evolution, Diamond and Evans describe some of the responses to a revamped evolution exhibit, “Explore Evolution“, at the Nebraska State Museum.
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Lindsay Beyerstein of Majikthise lost her father recently. Some kind words couldn’t hurt.
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More MA Budget Cut Madness

More ridiculous budget cuts in Massachusetts at the local level. This time it’s schools, not libraries. In my grandparents’ generation, it was assumed that once they retired, they would move into a smaller house or apartment because they weren’t working. Cutting education funding to subsidize their retirement would have been anathema to them.
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Some Suggestions for Improving Biology Textbooks

Well, they’re not my suggestions, they’re David Hillis’ But they are still pretty good….
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Shakesville Hit with Denial of Service Attack

The feminist blog, Shakesville (formerly Shakespeare’s Sister), has been hit with a denial of service attack.
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Cheney, the Fourth Branch, and Shoddy Journalism

With a 28% approval rating, what exactly are the Washington Post editors afraid of? Can we finally agree that the Mythical Center, as represented by the mainstream media, is nothing more than a subjective political ideology?
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Archeology Influences Plant Community Ecology

In the June 2007 issue of Ecology, Dambrine et al. have a fascinating article demonstrating that abandoned Roman settlements still affect the local abundance of plant communities 1700 years later.
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