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Shakesville Hit with Denial of Service Attack

The feminist blog, Shakesville (formerly Shakespeare’s Sister), has been hit with a denial of service attack.
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Cheney, the Fourth Branch, and Shoddy Journalism

With a 28% approval rating, what exactly are the Washington Post editors afraid of? Can we finally agree that the Mythical Center, as represented by the mainstream media, is nothing more than a subjective political ideology?
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Archeology Influences Plant Community Ecology

In the June 2007 issue of Ecology, Dambrine et al. have a fascinating article demonstrating that abandoned Roman settlements still affect the local abundance of plant communities 1700 years later.
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Some Sunday Links

Here are some links for you. Go read some science, you goddamn kids.
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What Does Henneberger Want?

Scott LeMieux exposes the illogic of Melinda Henneberger‘s NY Times op-ed about abortion and Democrats. What I can’t figure out is what does Henneberger want?
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Tyson Chicken to Sell Antibiotic-Free Fresh Chicken

Anything that lowers the non-therapeutic use of antibiotics in agriculture is a good way to prevent the spread of antibiotic resistance.
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Fumarase Deficiency and Gay Marriage

There is one type of marriage we should prohibit: incestuous marriage.
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