Links 8/26/20

A day late, but not a dollar short! Links for you. Science:

Seven months later, what we know about Covid-19 — and the pressing questions that remain
The antibiotic paradox: why companies can’t afford to create life-saving drugs
Cloth Masks Do Protect the Wearer – Breathing in Less Coronavirus Means You Get Less Sick
Into the unknown: virus hunters and their quest to stop the next pandemic
WSJ: Admin Reverses Course, Says CDC Will Regain Control Of COVID Data Collection


What the CDC’s Guidelines for Polling Places Are Missing: Requiring polling booths to be 6 feet apart could dramatically decrease capacity for in-person voting and might not be necessary to protect public health (important)
A TikTok Ban Is Overdue: Critics say we shouldn’t abandon the ideal of an open internet. But there is such a thing as being a sucker.
Suddenly Nancy Pelosi Is OK With Primary Challenges to Established Incumbents?
Bannon’s indictment confirms that the American right is made up of con artists
Time to ditch ‘toxic positivity,’ experts say: ‘It’s okay not to be okay’
Steve Bannon’s Alleged Border-Wall Scam Is the Entire Trump Movement in a Nutshell: The president’s former campaign manager is the latest of his associates to be arrested for federal crimes. Surely, it’s just a coincidence that they tried to force out the prosecutor investigating him this summer.
The Bernie Sanders Doctrine on Foreign Policy: An interview with Matt Duss
‘Like Armageddon’: Rotting food, dead animals and chaos at postal facilities amid cutbacks
Are New Yorkers Wearing Masks? Here’s What We Found in Each Borough
Activists find camera inside mysterious box on power pole near union organizer’s home
With a truce brokered over Zoom, one D.C. neighborhood goes nearly 100 days with only one reported shooting
Stocks Are Soaring. So Is Misery. Optimism about Apple’s future profits won’t pay this month’s rent.
Joe Biden Is Taking a Bigger Gamble Than Many of Us Would Like to Admit
What We Learned From the Senate Hearing on the Postal Service: The evidence points to a failure of business management. (can’t move fast and break things when ‘things’ is the Postal Service)
In It To Win It
Sweeping probe details ruthless rise of a new gang in D.C.’s suburbs
Trump’s attacks on vote-by-mail may have cost Sarasota Republicans
Looting, American Style: CEOs Get Big Pre-Bankruptcy Bonuses Even When Lenders and Employees Stiffed
Postmaster general eyes aggressive changes at Postal Service after election: Louis DeJoy is said to be looking at policies that could lead to slower delivery in parts of the country — and higher prices
Tempers Flare Over German Mask Requirement
DNC’s Flip-Flop on Fossil Fuel Subsidies Follows Deep Ties the Industry

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