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Is NIAID Focusing on the Wrong Resistant Organisms?

Needed: more focus–money–on the ESKAPE organisms.
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An Open Letter to Chris Mooney

Do you think there’s a single evolutionary biologist who is happy with public opinion regarding evolution and creationism? But you’re not giving us concrete solutions. Perhaps the communication problem has something to do with the communicators too?
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Ben Stein: This Is What Academic Intimidation Looks Like

Prick the skin of the ‘kind-hearted’ fanatic, and you will always find the boot, the jack, and the fist.
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“A New Class of Antibiotics?”: A Cautionary Tale

Moral of the story–don’t believe every breathless medical breakthrough drug development story you read.
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Alfred Lord Tennyson Led to Nazism…

or so John Wilkins tells me.
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Terrorist Tularemia Attack?

Responding to bioterrorism requires a public health, not security infrastructure.
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Some Good News About Vancomycin Resistant MRSA

It’s very hard to evolve.
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Senator Clinton Embraces Anti-Vax Autism Woo

Trying to have it both ways on autism and vaccines.
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Liberals: Embrace Local Government?

From the wayback machine: Democrats need to support their supporters.
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While I’m Away on Vacation…

Some advice for visitors to Boston.
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