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House Republicans To Eliminate Any Meaningful Ethics Oversight

Yesterday, the Republican House Caucus voted to eliminate the independent Office of Congressional Ethics (‘OCE’) and replace it with an “Office of Congressional Complaint Review” under the control of the House Ethics committee. This is really bad as it essentially … Continue reading

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Oregon Militants Discover Criminal Justice Reform

Oregon militants are very butthurt by our criminal justice system: “It turns out that if you do leave, they end up charging you later, and they are pressing everyone here it sounds like with that same felony charge of interfering … Continue reading

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The NYPD Slowdown Might Backfire–And That Might Be a Good Thing

For the record, I don’t have any problem with members of municipal unions, including the police, working to rule and protesting what they view is bad policy. In the case of the NYPD, that they erroneously believe that the protests … Continue reading

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Fighting the Demons in Our Heads: The Urban Crime Edition

We are a nation of pants-wetting numbskulls (boldface mine): Most Americans, however, don’t recognize that violent crime has dropped so significantly over the past twenty years. Over that time frame the national murder rate has halved, along with non-lethal violent … Continue reading

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Meet the New Silicon Valley Boss, Same As the Old Boss: Putting the STEM ‘Crisis’ In Context

During the last decade, we’ve heard repeatedly that there is a STEM jobs shortage, even as there is a PhD glut, a stalling out in the biomedical sector with a slight drop in wages, and a refusal to hire older … Continue reading

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Boston Has Thieving Zombies

By way of Universal Hub, we come across the following Boston police report (boldface mine): The 27 year old female victim informed officers she was walking down Green Street near High Street when two white males asked her for a … Continue reading

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