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Sequencing the Count Draculome!

Ok, not really, but it’s always fun to tweak Jonathan Eisen with new ‘badomics’ words. One of the things I like about PLoSOne is that, even though the papers might not be The Seminal Papers of Our Time, they are … Continue reading

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The Unspoken, yet Vital Component of Hertability Estimates: Is This a Problem for GWAS?

Until we characterize the environment more rigorously–and healthy and diseased isn’t going to cut it–we have to treat many of these heritability estimates, and the attempts to explain the underlying contributions of genes, as speculative.
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Federal Judge Rules Against Patenting the Sun

The real problem here is that many hospitals and most doctors are not doing simple molecular biology techniques, commonly done in high school laboratories, as part of standard practice.
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What Have Biologists Forgotten That We Need to Remember?

What things in biology do you think we’ve forgotten to our loss?
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The Genetics of Financial Risk Taking and Norms of Reaction

Norms of reaction and overinterpretation.
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Is Bisphenol A Responsible for Obesity?

Bisphenol A levels lower than those found in 93% of people led to obesity in mice.
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Fumarase Deficiency and Gay Marriage

There is one type of marriage we should prohibit: incestuous marriage.
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Huckabee and Yglesias: Sometimes the Evolution ‘Controversy’ Is About the Science

I like much of Matt Yglesias’ writing. But he still doesn’t appreciate how science and evolution affect public policy issues.
Sometimes the scientific particulars do matter–if the cornerstone of modern biology can be called a ‘particular’. Sometimes the argument about evolution is just about …evolution.
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Lactoferrin: It Might Actually Prevent Disease

You might not know this, but your body produces a whole bunch of antibacterial compounds, one of which is lactoferrin. It’s found in breast milk and mucosal substances such as tears and saliva. Lactoferrin hasn’t really been investigated as a medical antibiotic because many disease-causing bacteria (e.g., E. coli) also live on (and in) people as harmless commensals, and consequently, have evolved resistance to lactoferrin. However, a new paper suggests that some lactoferrin might kill these pathogens.
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A Question About Genetically Tracing One’s Ancestry

Over at Pandagon, Pam’s aunt had her ancestry traced using mitochondrial DNA (‘mtDNA’). How is it even possible to conclude that one is ‘percent-anything’ based on a mtDNA haplotype?
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