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The Wages Of Torture And The Triumph Of Nihilism: The Roy Moore Edition

After the revelations that Alabama Republican U.S. Senate candidate and long-time moral scold Roy Moore initiated inappropriate “sexual encounters” with four teenage girls while he was an assistant district attorney, including one fourteen year-old who was there for a custody … Continue reading

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Stop Rehabilitating George W. Bush

Last week, Little Lord Pontchartrain SLAMMED! NAILED! EVISCERATED! DISEMBOWLED! Il Trumpe. Could what passes for the kinda left stop slobbering over him? He was an awful president. Not only was his presidency the only time I have ever worried about … Continue reading

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How Much Ruin In A Nation: Bush Was As Awful As Il Trumpe, Just No One Cared

There has been a spate of ‘how awful everything is under the reign of Il Trumpe‘ articles. And things are pretty crappy. But things were really awful under Bush 43 too. Katrina was horrible, not just in terms of the … Continue reading

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Trump Is Not An Aberration: The Wages of Torture

Reprisals against civilian populations and the use of torture are crimes in which we are all involved. The fact that such things could take place among us is a humiliation we must henceforth face. Meanwhile, we must at least refuse … Continue reading

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GITMO At the National Cathedral

So I visited D.C.’s National Cathedral this weekend–I’ll have more pictures later in the week. But on the way to the downstairs bathrooms I noticed this: Wasn’t quite sure what to make of this, but apparently it hails from a … Continue reading

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Maybe She Should Be Afraid

So freedom is on the march (boldface mine): NBC News published a story on a senior CIA official who is a “top al Qaeda expert” and a “key architect of the agency’s defense of its detention” and torture program for … Continue reading

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Torture and the Limits of Political Civility

Outsourced to Athenae, who is appropriately angry that discussion of torture is being viewed as “old arguments” (boldface mine): Right. That’s all that’s at stake here. Old arguments. We don’t want to have old arguments. Actually, I don’t want to … Continue reading

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