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Trump Is Not An Aberration: The Wages of Torture

Reprisals against civilian populations and the use of torture are crimes in which we are all involved. The fact that such things could take place among us is a humiliation we must henceforth face. Meanwhile, we must at least refuse … Continue reading

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GITMO At the National Cathedral

So I visited D.C.’s National Cathedral this weekend–I’ll have more pictures later in the week. But on the way to the downstairs bathrooms I noticed this: Wasn’t quite sure what to make of this, but apparently it hails from a … Continue reading

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Maybe She Should Be Afraid

So freedom is on the march (boldface mine): NBC News published a story on a senior CIA official who is a “top al Qaeda expert” and a “key architect of the agency’s defense of its detention” and torture program for … Continue reading

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Torture and the Limits of Political Civility

Outsourced to Athenae, who is appropriately angry that discussion of torture is being viewed as “old arguments” (boldface mine): Right. That’s all that’s at stake here. Old arguments. We don’t want to have old arguments. Actually, I don’t want to … Continue reading

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The Washington Post Goes Full Hacktacular on Torture

Look at this photo with a Washington Post piece explaining why Democrats are so uncool to oppose torture: That’s a picture of ‘dirty bomber’ Jose Padilla, a fucking idiot who actually believed this is how you build a dirty bomb: … Continue reading

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The Justification For Torture That No One Wants to Confront

For those who have followed our reign of torture closely, in 2005, videotapes of torture sessions were destroyed. Most people assume this was done because the tapes were so horrifying, no one wanted them released. In light of last weekend’s … Continue reading

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Torture and the Cost of Looking Forward, Not Back

Jane Meyer in the New Yorker on the Senate CIA torture report (boldface mine): There was a way to address the matter that might have avoided much of the partisan trivialization. In a White House meeting in early 2009, Greg … Continue reading

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