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One Unsung Success of Science

This week, our benevolent Seed Overlords ask, “What are some unsung successes that have occurred as a result of using science to guide policy?” Well, I thunked, and thunked, and thunked. Then my head began to hurt. Then I thought … Continue reading

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The “Faith” Canard

Full disclosure: I am a moderately observant Conservative Jew (Conservative is a denomination of Judaism, not a political leaning). Having said that, the bandying around of the term faith is disingenuous. Religious people are supposed to be honest–at least, that’s what I was taught.
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The Horrible Banality of War

I’ve never liked most war movies because I think they glamorize warfare, even if they are ‘realistic.’ That’s why I’ve referred to them as “war porn.” Most deaths are horrifying in their randomness: a few inches to the left or … Continue reading

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Another Dark Side of Limbaugh

PZ rightly noted about the l’affair de Big Pharma that it’s just a stupid overreaction: somehow I don’t think the Viagra trade is destroying America’s inner cities or rural communities. But, over at Feministe, zuzu notes that the Dominican Republic … Continue reading

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For the Price of a Couple of Lattes

A bunch of us ScienceBloggers have decided to help raise funds for teachers (more details here). I really don’t care if I ‘finish’ dead last, but who doesn’t want to help kids? For the price of a couple of those … Continue reading

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Who Doesn’t Like Kids?

A bunch of us ScienceBloggers have decided to help raise funds for teachers (more details here).
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Acinetobacter: It’s Worse Than We Thought

One of my many pet peeves is that nobody takes ‘ordinary’ bacterial infections seriously. I originally wrote this post Jan. 8, 2006, but I was ranting about Acinetobacter since the previous August.
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