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Links 7/31/18

Links for you. Science: New Tricks for Old Drugs: What’s Already in the Medicine Cabinet Could be the Next Cancer Treatments Diet soda and colon cancer: What you need to know An Enormous Study of the Genes Related to Staying … Continue reading

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Occasionally, Jury Nullification Works Out For The Better

Jury nullification, where a jury decides to find someone innocent of a crime even though it is obvious to everyone including the jurors, has an odious history in the U.S., since it was overwhelmingly used to set free people who … Continue reading

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A (More) Populist Campaign Financing Model

And probably popular too. In what might be a beat-sweetener article about Democratic Senator and possible 2020 presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand, we notice this very interesting bit buried near the end (boldface mine): When Ms. Gillibrand forswore corporate PAC money … Continue reading

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Links 7/30/18

Links for you. Science: There is a certain species of “amazing scientist who is revolutionizing everything” puff piece that strikes an interesting chord about academics. I am referring specifically to the part where they talk about hobbies. Ticking Meatmares Poverty … Continue reading

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The Real 23AndMe Bidness Model

Back when 23AndMe, a company that charges people to have their genome sequenced and interpreted, was making every possible move to piss off the FDA, some asshole with a blog noted (boldface added): The thing that hasn’t been discussed: why … Continue reading

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Links 7/29/18

Links for you. Science: The rural South’s invisible public health crisis When NIH uses affirmative action to fix a bias Census Bureau nominee becomes lightning rod for debate over 2020 census Why Is Google Translate Spitting Out Sinister Religious Prophecies? … Continue reading

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Tariffs Are Hurting YIMBYs

While I’m not a full-throttled YIMBY (though, increasingly, NIMBY idiocy is pushing me in that direction), once a building has been approved, we should have it be built to the approved height–we do need the housing. But this is a … Continue reading

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