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Puerto Rico And Power

And I’m not referring to electricity. Paul Krugman writes a very good column about Trump’s neglect of our fellow citizens in Puerto Rico: The situation in Iowa remains horrifying. More than a third of the population has been without clean … Continue reading

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How To Hollow Out A Public Health Success: The D.C. HIV Edition

Suppose from 2007 – 2014, the number of HIV/AIDS patients in your state dropped by seventy percent due to solutions such as needle exchange and making antivirals readily available and affordable for those who need them. Now imagine what happens … Continue reading

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Texas Begins HIV Transmission Program

Not exactly sure how this saves lives (boldface mine): Amid an ongoing battle over Planned Parenthood’s participation in the state Medicaid program, Texas health officials are cutting off funding to a Planned Parenthood affiliate for an HIV prevention program. In … Continue reading

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When the War on Planned Parenthood Makes People (Very) Sick

A few years back, when the rightwing assault on Planned Parenthood kicked into high gear, I explained why I supported Planned Parenthood: For the younger readers–and by younger, I mean those in their twenties–it’s hard to describe the AIDS-related paranoia … Continue reading

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The Governor Pence Scandal No One Is Talking About

It really hasn’t been a great week for the state of Indiana, with the worst hit being the signing of ‘right’ to discriminate (against gays) legislation. But what’s lost in all of that is Indiana Gov. Mike Pence has decided … Continue reading

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A Legal and Scientific Issue with HIV ‘Fingerprinting’?

The consensus sequence is the real problem.
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Review: “The Effects of Circumsion on the Penis Microbiome”

It turns your bacteria Jewish. Seriously, the strong finding of this article was completely ignored. Anyway….
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