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Links 5/14/21

Links for you. Science: China Sinovac Shot Seen Highly Effective in Real World Study After the Pandemic, Will More People Wear Masks for Colds and Flu? (hard to separate masking from social distancing) Ghost fish: after 420 million years in … Continue reading

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Vaccine Hesitancy Among the Politically Unaffiliated

Or perhaps it should be called ‘hesitancy.’ This, by Harry Enten, is going to sound depressingly familiar to anyone who has tried to get people to vote (boldface mine): A look at the data reveals that the vaccine hesitant group, … Continue reading

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Links 5/13/21

Links for you. Science: Grading of Recommendations, Assessment, Development, and Evaluation (GRADE): Pfizer-BioNTechCOVID-19 Vaccine How COVID broke the evidence pipeline Does ocean acidification alter fish behavior? Fraud allegations create a sea of doubt The world’s strongest athletes aren’t shredded and … Continue reading

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If Political Reporters Viewed Their Jobs with the Same Seriousness COVID-19 Reporters Did

In a really good article about the mental health of journalists on the COVID-19 beat (really, go read it), this section struck a chord (boldface mine): One healthcare reporter who currently works at a national outlet and has repeatedly broken … Continue reading

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Links 5/12/21

Links for you. Science: SARS-CoV-2 B.1.617 emergence and sensitivity to vaccine-elicited antibodies Where are the SARS-CoV-2 genomes from East Africa? F.D.A. Authorizes Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine for Children 12 to 15 Science Was Alive and Well in the Dark Ages Vaccination Against … Continue reading

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Effects of Schools on COVID-19, Pre- and Post-B.1.1.7

There’s an interesting non-peer reviewed study that made the rounds earlier this week about the effect of school reopening on the spread of COVID-19. Here’s the abstract: This paper examines the effect of fall 2020 school reopenings in Texas on … Continue reading

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Links 5/11/21

Links for you. Science: Initial real world evidence for lower viral load of individuals who have been vaccinated by BNT162b2 ‘The vaccine changed my life’: Yale study to examine effects on COVID long-haulers Researchers fear people of color may be … Continue reading

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The State of COVID-19 in D.C.: Good, but Not Everywhere

Things are improving in most wards. The entire city and Wards 1-6, are below the German rollback threshold of 50 new cases per 100,000 per week–which also is the threshold the CDC suggests schools for all grades can reopen (0.05% … Continue reading

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Links 5/10/21

Links for you. Science: Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine is Highly Effective Against Variants, Studies Find There Are New Safety Concerns About Russia’s COVID Vaccine, Which Is Already Being Distributed Worldwide CDC Finds Anxiety Was Cause of Many Adverse Responses to J&J Vaccine … Continue reading

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Cataloging the Apocalypse Versus Providing Useful Information: D.C. Is Not Releasing the COVID-19 Data We Need

Regular readers will know that, Mondays, I usually provide a weekly update on the state of COVID-19 in D.C. I can’t do that today because the city didn’t release any ward-level data about total testing numbers yesterday; in fact, until … Continue reading

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