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Links 5/31/21

Links for you. Science: The octopus is officially having a moment. This aquarist has been in awe of them for years. Babesiosis, a dangerous tick-borne infection that attacks red blood cells, appears to be a growing problem How the amazing … Continue reading

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There Are Important Policy Issues Regarding the Lab Leak Hypothesis

But they’re not being discussed. Over the last couple of weeks, the ‘lab leak hypothesis’, which claims that COVID-19 escaped from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (or some other Chinese facility) and didn’t jump from an animal host to people, … Continue reading

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Links 5/30/21

Links for you. Science: Up to 8,700 patients died after catching Covid in English hospitals (nosocomial COVID is a problem) New Diagnostic Tool Predicts The Risk of Alzheimer’s With Astonishing Accuracy of 90% Effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines against the B.1.617.2 … Continue reading

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Observed on 19th Street between R and Riggs, Dupont Circle, D.C.:

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Links 5/29/21

Links for you. Science: Trends in Prescribing of Antibiotics and Drugs Investigated for COVID-19 Treatment in U.S. Nursing Home Residents During the COVID-19 Pandemic How Inevitable Is the Concept of Numbers? Immunity to the Coronavirus May Persist for Years, Scientists … Continue reading

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In Case You Missed It…

…a week of Mad Biologist links: Street Proverbs Most Coups Look Silly Unless They Succeed The State of COVID-19 in D.C.: Getting Closer to the Good Place We Can’t Really Restart the Economy Until We Restart Transit Senate Democrats Do … Continue reading

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Links 5/28/21

Links for you. Science: A global metagenomic map of urban microbiomes and antimicrobial resistance The Farmer Trying to Save Italy’s Ancient Olive Trees The 1,000-Year Secret That Made Betta Fish Beautiful What scientists know about new, fast-spreading coronavirus variants The … Continue reading

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Listen to David Faris

To follow on yesterday’s post, here’s political scientist David Faris on the absolute need for voting rights and electoral reform (boldface mine): So 2020 felt like a test run. The plot to overturn the 2020 election never had a real … Continue reading

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Links 5/27/21

Links for you. Science: Controversial ivermectin added to University of Minnesota COVID-19 drug trial Once Nearly Extinct, The Florida Panther Is Making A Comeback No one tool to rule them all: Prokaryotic gene prediction tool performance is highly dependent on … Continue reading

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Senate Democrats Do Not Understand the Urgency of the Moment

I’ve made this point before, but it bears some repetition (boldface mine): Suffice it to say, a concerted right-wing effort really is under way to limit popular democracy and suppress votes. So what are Democrats doing about it? In a … Continue reading

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