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Extortion, Justice, And The Green New Deal

After last week’s unveiling of the Green New Deal (GND), I was really tempted to ignore it, as never has so much emo been vented in reaction to a non-binding resolution with support of twenty percent of the House and … Continue reading

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Biodiversity, Biomass, And Defaunation

Oh shit. For years, I’ve been trying to hammer the point that we have depopulated our oceans: When is the last time, in those habitats, you have seen enough fish (and minnow-sized fish don’t count) to justify this strategy? What … Continue reading

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Climate Change And Disasters

Over the last few years, every time there is a large scale climate-related catastrophe, there are renewed calls to do something (e.g., the Malibu inferno). But all of the proposals miss something important. Here’s a Vox summary of the Green … Continue reading

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We Have Turned Oceans Into Deserts

At least when it comes to the macrofauna. Every year, Boston builds a fish weir: A fishweir is basically a large fence that is used to trap fish, which are then caught (usually scooped out of the water)… During the … Continue reading

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Noise Is Pollution, Not Just An Annoyance

But I’m sure Scott Pruitt’s EPA will get on this (boldface mine): Noise is “the new secondhand-smoke issue,” said Bradley Vite, who pushed for regulations in Elkhart, Ind., that come with some of the nation’s steepest fines. “It took decades … Continue reading

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The Oceans Might Not Be Suffering A Mass Extinction But The Carnage Is Awful

Before I get to the oceans, I’ll describe something that Boston builds every year on the Boston Common: a fishweir. A fishweir is a fence used to catch fish. Believe it or not, it used to work: During the excavation … Continue reading

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Grabbing The REINS

So this bill, if passed by the Senate and signed by Il Trumpe, will be a disaster–and it went virtually unoticed (boldface mine): Last week, under the cover of a media bliss-out except among Koch funded right-wing channels, the House … Continue reading

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