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A Role for Morons? Thoughts on the Extinct Plague

This isn’t my usual post about morons (or fucking morons). Nope, this is about the Black Death, caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis (we’ll get to the morons in a bit). Recent work, published in The Proceedings of the National … Continue reading

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Why Blue Dog Democrats Are Despicable

Because slashing funding for NSF, catching rapists, and the Smithsonian will make America better. Or something.
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Cheesesteak Politics

It’s bad enough when the mainstream media engages in ersatz psychology and semiotics. It’s even worse when this pseudoanalysis has a bias. I’m beginning to think that the average political reporter is simply unable to process anything that is conceptually more difficult than condiments.
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In Defense of the Reverse Mullet

Well, no one really can or should defend ‘the reverse mullet‘, but if people are going to criticize it, at the very least we should know its history.
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