In Defense of the Reverse Mullet

Well, no one really can or should defend ‘the reverse mullet‘, but if people are going to criticize it, at the very least we should know its history.

It’s actually an old (mid 70s to 80s) haircut known as the “Chelsea” that was worn by traditional (non-racist; think Two Tone Ska) skinheads–before the skinhead look was co-opted by white power scum. Not that it makes it any less ridiculous, but, at one time, in certain underground music scenes, it was kinda of cool.
On a serious note, the whole reverse mullet Chelsea thing arose because of a ridiculous article blaming women for rape instead of blaming, oh, rapists.

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4 Responses to In Defense of the Reverse Mullet

  1. Brian X says:

    For what it’s worth, there are women who can pull off the Chelsea. Though it must be accompanied by a tight t-shirt, baggy jeans, and Doc Martens or it just looks strange.

  2. Brian X,
    I agree.

  3. I agree, too. I dig the Chelsea.

  4. Jessika says:

    I actually had a Chelsea in my younger, hanging out with some ska/punk/straight edge crowds (non skinhead types) Listening to the Specials, the Toasters, Mighty Mighty Bosstones…ahhh youth.
    Thanks for clearing that up though. I had heard that term used but hadn’t seen the pictures. No idea what they meant by a “reverse mullet”.

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