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Norovirus, The GOP, And Public Health Policy, Oh My!

Admittedly, the norovirus outbreak at the Republican National Convention has led to all sorts of ‘shitshow’ jokes, but there really are policy and political angles to this. As we’ve noted many, many, many, many times, the greatest norovirus vector–in English, … Continue reading

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The Unlovely Necessity of Public Health Spending

Public health efforts face a very difficult problem: they’re like car insurance. You hate paying it…until you get into an accident, then you’re really glad you have it. With that for prelude, we bring you this story about mosquito control–a … Continue reading

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More on Zika Virus and the Procedure That Shall Not Be Named

As I’ve been noting from when the first American* Zika stories broke, the Zika virus could have similar effects on attitudes towards abortion that rubella did (rubella is the “R” in the MMR vaccine). Well, it’s starting (boldface mine): “We … Continue reading

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El Salvador’s Response to Zika: Don’t Get Pregnant–Until 2018

Somehow I don’t think this is going to be too successful (boldface mine): El Salvador is taking an unprecedented step in its bid to prevent kids from developing birth defects caused by the Zika virus — urging women to avoid … Continue reading

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Zika, Rubella, and the Procedure That Shall Not Be Named

By way of Scary Disease Lady (aka ‘Maryn McKenna’), we come across the CDC’s recommendations for pregnant women who might have been exposed to the Zika virus, which has been linked to a twenty-fold increase in microcephaly. This is the … Continue reading

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Abortion and Infectious Disease: The Zika Virus Edition

I’ve discussed before how in the pre-rubella vaccine era (rubella is the “R” in the MMR vaccine) concerns about rubella-induced birth defects helped make more abortion more acceptable in the 1960s. Brazil’s reaction to the spread of the Zika virus, … Continue reading

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Shkreli Has To Be A False Flag Op For Corporate Charter Reform

Because no one could possibly be this much of a cartoon villain (boldface mine): Martin Shkreli is once again provoking alarm with a plan to sharply increase the price of a decades-old drug for a serious infectious disease. This time … Continue reading

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