A Question About Colds (Freep This Poll)

While we’ve had a very bad influenza season, from my admittedly limited view, it seems, in D.C. anyway, we’ve had a very good year for cold viruses (for us humans). Usually, by this time of year, I’ve had a couple of colds. I’ve noticed on the Metro that far fewer people are coughing and sneezing (there are still some, of course). Fewer sick people at the gym too. Ditto at work. So I don’t think it’s just me (i.e., something I’m doing). I would have thought the abnormally warm weather would have led to poorer sleep and more colds, but I suppose not.

Unfortunately, we don’t track cold viruses, so I can’t state this as anything but ‘anecdata.’ But we can poll this. Are you seeing fewer, the same, or more colds where you are?

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