Links 3/3/18

Links for you. Science:

Their 6-year-old daughter was dead, killed by the flu, but the worrying was just beginning
Ravens Are Evolving, and Not in the Way You’d Expect
“Sonic Weapon Attacks” on U.S. Embassy Don’t Add Up—for Anyone
Uncovering the Secret Lives of Wolves
Birds Sleep in Giraffe Armpits, New Photos Reveal


The West Virginia Teachers’ Strike Takes Aim at Coal and Gas
Nancy Pelosi Just Endorsed a Congressman Who Opposes Abortion and Gay Rights
The truth about noncompetes and Massachusetts politics (if the viability of your business is dependent on retaining certain personnel, maybe it’s not entirely your business…)
SEC dropped inquiry a month after firm aided Kushner company
Qatar Refused to Invest in Kushner’s Firm. Weeks Later, Jared Backed a Blockade of Qatar.
Better gun laws could save thousands of lives, major non-partisan US study finds
Is Amazon Too Big to Tax?
Nearly 60 Percent Of DCPS Class Of 2018 Are Currently Off-Track To Graduate
MIT Study: Median Uber and Lyft Profits Less Than Half Minimum Wage; 30% of Drivers Lose Money
Unseen photos of East End London in glorious colour
The Growing Emptiness of Service
We’ve Made Too Little Progress on Race, But We Have Made Progress
Whoa – The E Scooters Have Arrived
Politicians Who Back The NRA– Whether Trump And His Republicans Or The DCCC– Are In For A Bad Time
Report: No progress for African Americans on homeownership, unemployment and incarceration in 50 years
YouTube Won’t Ban Neo-Nazi Group Chanting ‘Gas the K**kes, Race War Now’

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