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Yes, We Can Isolate Most Human Gut Microbes

A long-standing canard that really bothers me is the notion that most (“99%”) human gut microbes are unculturable–that is, we can’t grow them in the lab. As I noted a long time ago, that’s not the case: This false statement … Continue reading

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The Smartest Thing I’ve Read About the Microbiome In a Long Time

Several years ago, I was part of the Human Microbiome Project, so I’m not someone who’s disgruntled that the microbiomes are getting all the money. On the other hand, that has also led me to have a very skeptical opinion … Continue reading

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The Need to Characterize ‘Near’ Missing Diversity: A Comment on the Subway Microbiome Paper

I’m a few weeks late to the subway microbiome paper which, in internet time is decades, but I’ve noticed two things are missing in the commentary. Before I get to those issues, one of the advantages of being behind the … Continue reading

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All Your Microbiome Are Belong to Platypus: The Perils of Plug-and-Chug Analysis

By way of the Twitterz, we come across this fantastic poster (embiggened version here): To translate from Genomics, to examine the microbiome–the microorganisms that live on or in a certain habitat (e.g., your gut or skin, the surface of your … Continue reading

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This Is the Most Accurate Microbiome Headline Ever

Really: They might be making you fat. Or maybe thin. Or maybe have very little effect at all. Is there a fourth choice? There endeth the snark.

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Sure, The Smithsonian Might Be Shutdown, But That’s No Reason You Can’t See the Genomics Exhibit

So what if you can’t get into the Smithsonian? Cuz I take pictures so you don’t have to. The Natural History Museum has a temporary exhibit, “Genome: Unlocking Life’s Code” that’s pretty good. If you’re in the genomics biz, it … Continue reading

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McSweeney’s Inadvertently Discovers the Microbiome

This is snark from the satirical website McSweeney’s about the NSA, but it’s actually not bad microbiology: I can assure you, in no uncertain terms, that the NSA is not asking for samples of your fecal matter. We will not … Continue reading

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The Hidden Value of ‘Big Science’

Having been involved in ‘Big Science’, I think one of the things that typically goes unmentioned, but which might be the most important thing to come out of these kinds of projects is the breakthrough and improvement in technology and … Continue reading

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Microbiome Creep, E. coli and Colorectal Cancer (Oh My!)

My recent snark-laden post about the microbiome was in part inspired by the coverage of this Science paper “Intestinal Inflammation Targets Cancer-Inducing Activity of the Microbiota.” Interestingly, the coverage of this paper didn’t make Jonathan Eisen happy either: Some studies … Continue reading

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Some Predictions About the Coverage of the Human Microbiome

In keeping with the spirit of the following tweets: …I offer some predictions about the popular media coverage of human microbiome research over the next few years: 1) Koch’s Postulates will be ‘rediscovered.’ Multiple times. 2) Methods and theories that … Continue reading

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